About Mark Jones:

Mark Jones serves as Children’s Pastor for Quail Springs Baptist Church in Oklahoma City OK.  He teaches a Parents of Preschoolers Sunday School class, Dad’s Mentor Group on Sunday evenings and Bible Skills, Drills and Thrills each Wednesday. Mark has served as the Childhood Ministry Specialist for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma providing training and resources to the Southern Baptist Churches of Oklahoma. He is a writer for LifeWay Christian Resources, and leads Preschool & Children’s training conferences for church leaders across Oklahoma and the United States. In his spare time Mark enjoys spending time with his family, landscaping, shooting friends with nerf guns, and riding motorcycles with his dad.

About Mr Marks Classroom:
Mrmarksclassroom.com began as monthly email newsletter called the Top Ten Tips from Mark Jones, Childhood Ministry Specialist at the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. In order to get childhood ministry ideas, updates, and event information to churches in Oklahoma, Mark and his team began collecting ideas and email addresses from childhood ministry leaders, teachers and workers. In January 2009, he began sending this monthly newsletter and in the next two years, this “little” idea exploded to include over 3000 people across the United States, all receiving monthly tips from Mark and his team.This email method was great, but Mark sensed that there might be an even better way to equip and encourage people working with preschoolers and children. In August of 2011 Mr. Marks Classroom will launch as a blog and resource website to share ideas, updates, event information and stories from Mr. Mark’s Classroom.While this website is also designed to be a resource for those serving in other states or denominations. All tips and resources are available in a printable handout format to make for easy distribution to Sunday School teachers and/or leaders in other ministry areas. Anyone can easily receive these free updates by simply signing up on the homepage.