Caring for Animals

• Pretend doctor kit • Band-Aids or strips of masking tape on wax paper • Cardboard blocks • Small blankets • Animal feeding bowls with strips of paper for pretend food • Vinyl animals of all sizes and kinds As children play, ask, “How do you care for the animals in your home”. “Do they take their pets to the…

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go fish

Twelve Tribes of Israel Go Fish

          Objective:  Familiarity with the names and spellings of the twelve brothers who are the heads of the tribes of Israel. Create a deck of cards by printing out simple symbols for each of the 12 tribes and their names.  Check online for easy symbol ideas by searching “tribes of Israel symbols.”  Make four cards for…

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Trick or Treat: How Do You Respond to Halloween?

Each year many parents debate about celebrating Halloween.  I remember when my sons (Zac & Wes) were small and we were young parents facing this decision.  Do we stand against this and refuse to participate or do we participate and leave behind all the scary costumes?  Do we discuss our Christian beliefs before Trick or Treating?  And questions just kept…

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Fall Marble Painting

For this activity you will need a shallow box/pan, small marbles or balls, fall paint colors, and a leaf cutout for each child.  Begin by placing the leaf cutout in the box then roll the marbles in paint and place them in the box.  Next, have children gently wiggle the box to move the marbles over the cutout.  If you have vigorous shakers,…

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Fall Scavenger Hunt

                Kids love to explore the world around them and talk about what they see.  Help the children discover God’s beautiful creations by taking them   outside on a fall nature walk.  Provide them each with a scavenger list and bag to store the items they find.  For older children, make the items on…

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Fall Mystery Box

          Decorate a shoe box or another small box in a manner that will draw the children’s interest.  Place items that go with the current theme of the month inside the box.  Fall items that we used included a pinecone,  cinnamon stick, leaves, a rock, and a feather.  At the beginning of circle time recite: If…

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Coupons for Parents

Construction paper strips, 3 inches X 81/2 inches , markers, and stickers depicting helpers (construction, medical, teachers, etc. ) Labels printed with helper statements (i.e. I will pick up my toys; I will help clean my room; I will give you two hugs) Yarn, cut into 18 inch length. Apply masking tape to one end to make it easier for…

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Coat of Many Colors Bookmark

Objective:  Create a Bible marker that will remind the kids that God was with Joseph and gave him wisdom for every situation from favored son to slave to second ruler of Egypt.  Provide plastic pocket folders cut into bookmark sized pieces.  Cover with a strip of carpet tape (its double sided) that sticks to the plastic and leaves a sticky…

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                    Objective:  Identifying with the emotions of being favored or seeing someone else who gets more by being favored.  Pick a game to play and plan a small snack.  Tell kids that everyone’s name is going in a hat and whoever you draw out will be your “favorite” for that activity. …

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Smallest to Biggest

                As children enter the puzzle area, invite them to place their feet on a sheet of paper.  Trace around their feet with shoes on and encourage each child to decorate their foot (shoe) imprint.  Teachers need to trace around their feet (shoes) too.  Save these for group time.  At the beginning of…

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