VBS 2015: Jungle Painted Sheets

1) Use light green flat bed sheets (king size) that have been washed a dried.  2) Lay the sheet on the ground opened flat. 3) Lay a few palm leaves along the top row of the sheet in varied directions (not a uniform pattern) and spray paint over the leaves with a medium green color. 4) Move the palm leaves…

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VBS 2015: Large Scale Daffodils

  1) Gather a yellow disposable plate, white bowl and yellow cup. 2) Cut the pedals out leaving them attached in the center as one piece. 3) Cut the ruffle edge of the bowl and attach to the plate with hot glue. 4) Cut the ruffle edge of the cup and attach to the inside of the bowl. 5) When…

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VBS 2015: Oversized Flower

1) Place a green swim noodle (cut to desired length) on a plunger.    2) Tie the ribbon of the flower around the swim noodle.   3) Make a second flower of same color and add to the back.   4) Add large scale leave made from green paper and attached at the base. Printable Version


Podcast: Why Teachers Avoid Discipline

Why do teachers avoid discipline? They don’t know what to do. They have not prepared adequately for the session. They are too busy. They want the children to be happy. They believe giving in once won’t hurt. They are just trying to get through the session. They lack a personal relationship with the children.   “To create an atmosphere of…

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Time To Teach Again

Building bonds with kids and teachers is a priority.  Sometimes you have to get back in the classroom and teach a lesson or two to get to know kids better and train new teachers. I am teaching in a third grade class right now to better help some kids with learning difficulties and to try some different curriculums before suggesting…

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Play “Would You Rather?”

          Items needed:  Index cards and pen Write the questions on the cards (google more questions if needed).  Take turns drawing cards and answering the questions.  Some are silly, but the object is to make them think about doing the right thing. This is a great conversation starter! Eat pizza from the garbage or clip a…

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The Impact of Sin (Gospel Presentation)

            Items needed:   A clear container, water, red food coloring Ask the children to define sin (anything that doesn’t agree with what God wants for us; when we willingly disobey God, etc.). Squeeze a drop of red food color into the water and watch it slowly spread. -How can our sin spread to affect others?…

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Homeroom: Spiritually Mentoring Kids @ Home

Opening Question to Discuss: Have you ever fallen and were hurt or injured?  Maybe you even have a scar to prove it!  Was it a bike wreck, a sports injury, or even doing something you weren’t supposed to do?  Tell your family exactly what happened and how you reacted.   First Point: 1 Corinthians 15:58 (NIV) “Therefore, my dear brothers…

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The Ministry of Play Dough

As a teacher of preschoolers, I know the value of using play dough as a manipulative. As I observe boys and girls use play dough in learning centers, I notice their curiosity when they see play dough in different colors or smell the scents. Over the years, I have shared the recipe with parents and grandparents. I don’t remember when…

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VBS 2015: Rope Bridge

1) Cut card board strips or wood about six inches wide by 18 inches long. 2) Drill one hole through each end for the jute rope. 3) Determine how long the bridge will be from tree house to tree house.  Begin with plenty of rope on the end so the bridge can be tied to the tree house. 4) Double…

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