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A Few of My Favorite Things

I have favorite things in several different categories, but I decided to share my “top 5 favorite things” for teaching, writing, and conference leading. Address Labels: I use the labels individually or in my printer at home. The labels can be used for Bible verses to make markers, game pieces, or to stick on a child’s art work. I like…

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I'm A Hoarder

The Idea Hoarder

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X-Ray Machine

VBS Ideas from the Mr. Mark’s Classroom Community!

Thanks to Kim LeClaire and her husband for sharing these pictures of the VBS decorations they are making!   We have a limited number of Trusses left if you are interested in purchasing them for your VBS or your VBS Training.  Go to !


Podcast: Helping Children Develop Bible Skills

Why Develop Bible Skills? Helping kids gain Bible skills is an important part of your ministry.  I have noticed so many adults pulling out their phones and iPads for Bible reading at church.  Skills developed as children can extend into adulthood and become second nature.  Bible Skills can be lots of fun!  Use the following Suggestions to help children learn…

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Books You Recommend?

Dear Mr. Mark— I have a young woman I hired last fall to be my rotation coordinator on Sunday mornings. She is now part-time church receptionist and part-time Childhood Associate. She primarily has preschool responsibilities but as time goes on I will involve her in children’s activities. She senses God calling her in to full time Children’s Ministry so I…

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Play Dough Board

Play dough is used often in a preschool classroom. Expand plans for play dough by considering ways play dough can be used in a child’s home. Prepare copies of the play dough recipe for parents. Make a personalized play dough board and a bag of play dough to deliver to a child at home. Supplies for Play Dough Board: 12-by-18-inch…

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Sorting NT Letters Bible Skill Game

Prepare: Prepare the game:  Write the books of Paul’s Letters and General Letters on ping pong balls.  Use all one color or mix the colors to create a little challenge. Write “Paul’s Letters” on one paper plate and “General Letters” on a separate plate. Place the ping pong balls in a separate container to be sorted. What to Do: Provide spoons…

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Something for your Friday enjoyment!   Hoopla from Mr. Mark’s Classroom on Vimeo.

Podcast: Bible Studies for Life

An Inside Look at Bible Studies for Life There has been some dismay swirling around the newly named product Bible Studies for Life from LifeWay Christian Resources.  I sat down and asked Jeff Land, Publishing Team Leader to explain what is happening and what we can expect in the future.  Jeff was quick to say that many new designed plans…

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Classroom Spinner for Review Game

Prepare: Purchase beach ball. Inflate the beach ball Write numbers on each space with a permanent marker. Option:  Write questions like: Who?, What?, Where? When?, Why?, Wild Question! In spaces for story review. What to Do:  Divide the kids into two teams. Toss the spinning ball to the contestant.  When he catches it, locate where his right thumb is touching…

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