Spelling Jesus’ Name

Guiding young children to recognize the name of Jesus and learn to spell Jesus’ name provide opportunities to teach Bible skills. A large metal drip pan, available at auto parts stores or auto departments in other stores, is a good resource for activities. Consider sharing this idea with parents and grandparents for activities at home.(Puzzles/Manipulatives–Learning Center) What to Gather: large metal drip pan, masking tape,…

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VBS 2015 Rappelling Ravine

Cave Entrance : 1) Create the cave entrance at the door of the room.  Make rock formations with large strips of wide craft paper that is crushed together then pulled open and hung around the door opening. 2) Use gray and black spray paint to add more color and stone appearance if desired.  3) Add nature items like flowers, grasses…

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VBS 2015 Large Scale Trees

Large Scale Trees:   1) Using a four feet by eight feet (4 x 8 feet) sheet of double wall cardboard, divide it in half longwise. Now there should be two separate pieces two feet by eight feet (2 x 8 feet).    2) Measure and mark 6, 12, and 18 inches so there are four equal widths and drawn…

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VBS 2015 Foliage Banners and Vines

Foliage Banners:   1) Choose three different solid colors of green broadcloth fabric (two yards each).  The colors should be light, medium and darker shades of green.    2) Open the cloth and fold it in half.  Cut from one corner diagonally to the other corner in a wavy line not straight.  This will provide three sections of foliage; one…

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Mean teacher

Podcast: You Teach… When You Aren’t Teaching!

You teach through the environment… Clean the room.  Sparkle the windows clean. Paint the room a soft color if needed.  Color is added with teaching materials. Put only necessary things into the classroom. Window coverings are not necessary, unless sunlight is distracting.  Use window as a teaching tool.  How many ways can you teach a child about God as you…

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Vanilla ice cream, milk, red food coloring w/peppermint extract OR Strawberry syrup, quart size zip close baggies, drinking straws Give each child a scoop of ice cream into their zip close bag. Let them choose their flavor (Vanilla, Mint, or Strawberry).  Squeeze the chosen flavors in the bag.  Seal the baggie and have kids squish it until it is all…

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          Construction paper(brown plus others), poster board, brown yarn, glue, scissors, markers, toothpicks, optional—wiggly eyes Cut out a teddy bear shape, glue it to some poster board and cut that out as well. Clip the yarn into 1/2 to 1/4 inch lengths then separate it into its threads. Make a fuzzy pile.  Paint or spread glue…

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          Fun foam in red and black, markers, scissors, suckers, hole punch Draw lips on the red foam, a mustache on the black foam (look up templates online if you’re not comfortable drawing them yourself).  Cut out shapes.  Draw the center portion of the lips with a permanent marker.  Use a hole punch to punch the…

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Parachute Run

Items needed: Parachute or a bed sheet Lay parachute on the floor and ask children to sit around the edges. Assign numbers so there are at least two children for each number (ex: if you have nine children in class, you could number them 1,2,3, three times, or 1,2,3,4 twice with an extra #1). Everyone grasp the edge of the…

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Following Directions

Items needed:  A “Bop It”  from the toy dept. in most big stores This is a great opening activity for any lesson dealing with obedience to God or reaction to God’s commands. The children form a circle.  The person with the toy must listen to the voice prompt from the Bop It and must “bop it”, “twist it”, “pull it”,…

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