Christmas in August

A great way to usher in the holiday season and bless missionaries at the same time!  A great family activity. What you will need: Christmas Tree Christmas ornaments Basket Gift tags Put it together: Choose one of the Christmas in August missionaries from this site: Make tags with the list of the items the missionaries are requesting. Make a…

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Hospital Goodie Bags for Children

Written By: Laurie Fryklund Here is a great idea!  I always try to take a fun travel size game or coloring book when I visit a child in the hospital.  This way we can talk and play a game at the same time.  Candy is generally a bad idea so make you surprise fun without eating something.  You can involve the…

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Mr. Mark’s One Day Workshop

  Need ideas and inspiration for your teachers?  Don’t have lots of time or money to attend a week-long conference in Kid’s Ministry?  No Problem!  Mr. Mark is bringing you a super packed one day workshop to fuel your ministry with ideas to use immediately.  There will be super sessions with practical helps, comedy and giveaways. Limited dates are left…

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Pipe Dream

Kids will connect a verse printed on PVC pipe. What you will need: PVC pipe Connectors Permanent markers Put it together: Print the phrases of the verse on pieces of PVC pipe. Challenge the kids to connect the verse in order.



Kids will place plastic eggs in a carton so that the verse is in the correct order. What will you need: Plastic eggs 18-well egg carton Permanent markers Put it together: Print the words of the verse on plastic eggs. Place the eggs in the lid of an 18-well egg carton. Challenge the kids to place the eggs in the…

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Back Pack Tags

Make tags to add to backpacks.  Use them for your kids or school supplies your church will distribute to your local school. What you will need: Large luggage tags Stamp pads Pencils (with new erasers) Self-adhesive labels (#5163) Elastic bands (hair bands) Put it Together: Show the kids how to use the pencil erasers and stamp pads to decorate the…

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Things I Wish I’d Known from the Beginning

Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me That? Maybe you are starting new in children’s ministry or maybe you have been in the ministry a while. Whatever your situation, it is easy to get bogged down or simply stuck. Here are 10 truths to consider as you listen to God and lead your people. Take care if you, no one else will….

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Sun Ray Catcher

Younger children will enjoy making this colorful craft then letting the sun shine through it.  The colors they choose will light up bright. What you will need: Large “O” shape from black poster board Clear contact paper Colorful tissue squares (precut) Permanent marker- black Jumbo craft stick Scissors Glue Put it together: Draw the large letter “O” on the poster…

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An Apple for the Teacher

Make bookmarks for school teachers AND Sunday School teachers. What you will need: Large paper clips Red pom-poms Green felt Tacky glue Cardstock Print cards that say: “An Apple for the Teacher”  making sure to insert “Sunday School” as well Cut small leaves from the green felt. Show the kids how to glue the felt leaf to the top of…

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VBS Was Awesome!

Here’s a great shot of Earl and Earlene as they planned to Journey off the Map.  They were funny hikers that seemed to have an issue each day which the Bible content seemed to provide the perfect answer.  Big thanks to my wonderful Children’s Ministry Associate for playing along and later for taking the pie in the face since the…

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