Out the Door to Camp!

Many of you know I used to run a Kid’s Camp before coming to Quail Springs… so you need to know, I’m all about camp!  Seems like the week goes by so fast!  Here are a couple of tips to remember when getting ready for camp: Camper meeting a couple of weeks early so parents have time to plan and…

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Illustration for Giant Game Cube

Giant Game Cube: Bible Skills

A Great Idea for Group Time: Something new for my classroom—Yes! I have enjoyed the Giant Game Floor Mat so much that I knew I wanted a Giant Inflatable Game Cube! This is a resource that has many possibilities for group time and can also be used at other times. Bible skills can be featured in preparing games for using…

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Does Your Child Love God’s Word?

Written by: James D. Dempsey As I’ve gotten older, the more I believe that the test for authentic Christianity, not the pretend kind, revolves around this single question: Do I love the word of God? And for parents, an essential question is, “How do I help my child love it?” God’s word is often inconvenient. Do I obey it even…

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Communicating with Parents

Interview with Stephanie Chase,  Children’s Minister of Champion Forest Baptist Church in Houston, Texas All parents are not the same. They are very different and it’s our responsibility to recognize their differences. One of the best ways to be able to recognize the differences in parents, is to be able to recognize their personality types. When you see a parent…

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We’re Going on a Trip!

Summer attendance can be erratic as kids and teachers take vacations or go to visit family.  Here are a few ideas to help your kids stay connected throughout the busy summer: Make “Flat Stanley” versions of your Children’s Minister. Encourage the kids to take him along on all their adventures.  (There are web sites that will turn any picture into…

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Father’s Day

Help your kids make a cute picture frame for their Dads on Father’s Day. Supplies: Die cut letters- 2 “D”s and 1 “A” for each child Small pictures of each child- 2 per child (if you have siblings, use 1 picture of each) 2 small paper brads Metallic, permanent markers Hole punch Scissors Pencils Tape Lay a “D” over each…

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Text Message

Kids will discover a verse written in a numerical text message. What you will need: Phone Whiteboard Marker, dry erase Put it Together: Draw a line for each letter in the verse on the whiteboard. Write the code under each line: use the numbers corresponding to each letter on a phone keypad.  The 1st letter is the number, the 2nd…

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Super Fun Night

  We try to end our School Year with a big fun night of activities during our usual time together.  Last year we played OMC- Organized Mass Chaos from And the kids loved that.  This year we have been battling rain and storms in Oklahoma City so we decided not to risk it with outside play.  It was a…

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Honor Your Father

Father’s Day is a great time to say, “I love You” and I want to help.  My book, A Dad’s Gotta Do What a Dad’s Gotta Do, is a great “I love you!” book for dads everywhere to share with their kids.  The book usually sells for $16.99 but I reduced it to $10.00 for this special day.  If you…

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ATeacher’s Smartphone Ideas

I decided it was time to search for a  definition for smartphone. I thought my first cell phone was a smart phone because I was able to do some things with it that I could not do with my cordless and other phones at home.  However, the word smartphone is actually one word, not two, and here is the definition…

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