Podcast: Marketing Your Ministry

I was recently in Louisiana speaking at  the Preteen Invasion, a great rally for preteens to hear the gospel and be challenged in their walk with Christ.  I was there early and had the privilege to tour the churches I was speaking at before the rally.  It was so impressive what these children’s ministers have done. I collected some printed…

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Seasonal and Holiday Ideas

Fall Tree On brown paper trace the child’s hand and part of their arm. Then, have the child cut it out.  (Depending on the age of the child, they may need some help with cutting.)  This will be the trunk of the tree.  Using round bottles (we used medicine bottles) dip in fall paint colors to make the leaves.  Leaves…

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Musical instruments

              Bring several instruments into the classroom which the children can explore.  Do not bring instruments that are too difficult or unsafe for children to explore.  In addition, provide materials to make instruments such as: Shakers—paper towel tubes, small pebbles or rice, construction paper, tape.  Place rice or pebbles in a small container with…

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Signet Rings

                  Objective: Create a working signet ring to highlight the power that Joseph had in Egypt (see Genesis 41:41-42). Provide fancy buttons with high relief, or deep patterns.  Let each child choose a chenille stem and have them hold it against their pointer finger with the thumb and wrap it two times. …

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Cleaning Our Room

                  Provide damp sponges, spray bottles of water, dust cloths, small booms, dust pans, small mops, and other cleaning items you may have on hand.  Remind the children that we need to help keep our church clean and safe for others.  Invite children to help clean the room.  If you have a…

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                      Objective:  Try to get away from “it” before they can grab your bandana from your waist. Collect enough belts to fit comfortably around each child’s waist.  Tuck a bandana into the back of the belt and let it hang down like a tail.  Whoever is “it” chases the other…

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Family Devotion Night

Scripture: Matthew 5:13-16 Opening Question to Discuss:  Have you ever eaten something that really needed salt? Name some things that would be terribly bland to eat without salt. (Ex:  Green beans, potatoes, popcorn.)  Salt was used to preserve foods and keep them from spoiling in bible times. First Point:  “You are the salt of the earth.  But if the salt should…

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Blocks in a Bag

The blocks center is an area in a preschool room with a shelf unit for blocks and space for block activities. Boys and girls need adequate space for block activities, preferably away from doorways and other activities. Consider placing some blocks in paper bags to get the attention of curious preschoolers. Supplies for Blocks in Bags: paper bags self-adhesive labels or…

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Caring for Animals

• Pretend doctor kit • Band-Aids or strips of masking tape on wax paper • Cardboard blocks • Small blankets • Animal feeding bowls with strips of paper for pretend food • Vinyl animals of all sizes and kinds As children play, ask, “How do you care for the animals in your home”. “Do they take their pets to the…

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go fish

Twelve Tribes of Israel Go Fish

          Objective:  Familiarity with the names and spellings of the twelve brothers who are the heads of the tribes of Israel. Create a deck of cards by printing out simple symbols for each of the 12 tribes and their names.  Check online for easy symbol ideas by searching “tribes of Israel symbols.”  Make four cards for…

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