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End of the School Year Thank You Cup!

“Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31 You will need: Plastic, reusable cup Paint pens or sharpies Sealant Snacks or small items Using paint pens or sharpies, create a fun design that lets the recipient know they are appreciated. Coat your design with a sealant that will…

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We work together.  Create your own ant colony using black or red plastic spoons, chenille stems and google eyes. You will need: Plastic spoons, black or red, 2 per ant Chenille stems Google eyes Assemble the ant by putting the stems of the two spoons together to form the body, leaving the “spoon” part at both ends. Wrap a chenille…

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What about cameras in the Classrooms?

  Here is a question I received from Miss Kelly about Cameras in the Classrooms.  I posted it on my Facebook and got a few answers so I thought I would ask our community.  I’m curious too… Mr. Mark— I would love to know if churches have security cameras in each hall, classroom, etc. that will record the activity and…

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Spring Art Activities

A Great Idea for (Art Center): Art activities during the spring provide opportunities to use pastel colors and materials to interest preschool boys and girls in cutting, drawing, gluing, and painting. Teaching about springtime can be included on any Sunday during this season. What to Gather: Bible small divided plastic tote paper plates pastel index cards, paper, sticky notes pastel…

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Here are couple of VBS Ideas for the Fellowship Hall and the Stage

VBS Decorations Final Sale May 15 Treehouse set- Pair of 6’ Trees- Mavalus Tape-

VBS Decoration’s Final Sale May 15

We are busy training for VBS and still enlisting workers, ahhh!  (I am sure you are doing the same.) While you’re planning ahead, please know I am closing all orders for the VBS decorations (treehouse and trees) on May 15th. I have a busy summer planned here at church, so I need plenty of time to get the orders to…

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Mom’s Clipboard

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart . . .” Deuteronomy 6:5 You will need: Clipboard (any size) Scrapbook paper Stickers Glue Modge Podge to seal your design Sponge paint brushes Pencil holder (optional) Using the supplies, customize the clipboard to fit the recipient. Use their favorite verse and colors. After your design is complete, use the sponge…

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Bee Hive

Be Kind to One Another You will need: Black chenille stems Permanent markers Yellow plastic eggs Tape Cardstock or cardboard tubes Google eyes (optional) If using cardboard tubes, cut in 1 ½” segments. Attach the sides together to create a beehive or flower. Cardstock can be cut into 1 ½” inch strips and formed into circles to create the same…

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This Really Happened!

This kind of stuff happens in our family all the time.  I love having children at home.  This way I am enter1tained from kids at work and at home.  Never gets old!  Aren’t you glad you are in the kid business Lady Bug Rock “Jesus said, ‘Love one another, just as I have loved you.” John 15:12 You will need:…

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VBC Decoration Video… The Missions Stop

I hope this helps your creativity for decorating your classroom.  Let your workers know where to go get the ideas: .  I think the photos and video are the most help!  Send me pictures of your decorations so I can post them for other to see too. Don’t forget I have a few Treehouse Kits and Trees (pair) left…

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