Balloon Bat

Kids will bat balloons back and forth while repeating the a verse. What you will need: • Balloons • Wire hangers • Knee-high hose • Tape Put it together 1. Make balloon bats by pulling a knee-high hose over a a wire hanger that has been stretched into a paddle shape. 2. Secure with duct tape. 3. Challenge the kids…

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Bible Skills Cubes

Kids will roll game cubes to determine a Bible skill and a physical challenge to perform simultaneously. What you will need: 2 Cracker boxes Shredded paper Tape—colored, masking Paper Put it together: Make 2 game cubes from cracker boxes. Flatten the box and cut sides to measure 4 inches.  Close the ends and stuff one end with shredded paper.  Insert…

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Crazy Question Can!

What is your favorite color? Do you have pets?  What are their names? What are your parents’ names? What is your favorite ice-cream flavor? What is your favorite candy? Do you like to draw? Do you play a sport? What? Do you have brothers or sisters? Names What color is your family car? What do you like about church? What…

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How Do I Get Kids in Our Empty Kids’ Ministry

Mr. Mark, I just recently started teaching Sunday school for both the preschool and 1st-2nd grades. We are a small rural church in a community of military families so they are constantly coming and going. There haven’t been any kids in the classes for a while. This church is mostly older members who have been here since they were kids….

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Penny Wars and Other Fun Games!

Here’s a different spin on the penny offering contest: What you will need: One jug or bucket per team An event or period of time for the contest Lost of pennies!! Put it together: Make a jug for each team. Have the team members put pennies into their jugs. Opposing teams can place silver coins into other team jugs in…

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Penny Rubbings

What you will need: Several pennies Paper for rubbings Crayons Double-sided tape Put it together: Use double sided tape to secure several pennies to a table. Help the preschoolers place a piece of paper over the coins and use a crayon to rub over the coin until the image appears on the paper.


You’re Own Mailbox!

My friends at First Baptist Church in Muskogee, OK have acquired their very own mailbox for returning forms and such. I love it! Do you have one? Where do I find something like this? How much is it? Leave me a comment so other can also see where to find this treasure!! Mr. Mark


Audio Training Series For Childhood Ministry

Use your commute time to gain great information & training in Childhood Ministry. Consider a new spin on teacher training meetings. Invest in your teachers while they drive to work. Episode 1– You Talk too Much…Seriously! Episode 2– You Teach … When You Aren’t Teaching Episode 3– Six Things Parents Look for in Your Church Episode 4– Why Teachers Avoid…

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MISSIONS: A Penny for your thoughts…

What can a penny teach us about missions?  What you will need: One penny for each child to look at Put it together: Give each child a penny.  Discuss the words and symbols found on each side: ONE CENT: a missionary is “one sent” to tell others about Jesus. HEAD: We should learn about missions. E PLURIBUS UNUM: “many united…

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Christmas in August

A great way to usher in the holiday season and bless missionaries at the same time!  A great family activity. What you will need: Christmas Tree Christmas ornaments Basket Gift tags Put it together: Choose one of the Christmas in August missionaries from this site: Make tags with the list of the items the missionaries are requesting. Make a…

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