An Apple for the Teacher

Make bookmarks for school teachers AND Sunday School teachers. What you will need: Large paper clips Red pom-poms Green felt Tacky glue Cardstock Print cards that say: “An Apple for the Teacher”  making sure to insert “Sunday School” as well Cut small leaves from the green felt. Show the kids how to glue the felt leaf to the top of…

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VBS Was Awesome!

Here’s a great shot of Earl and Earlene as they planned to Journey off the Map.  They were funny hikers that seemed to have an issue each day which the Bible content seemed to provide the perfect answer.  Big thanks to my wonderful Children’s Ministry Associate for playing along and later for taking the pie in the face since the…

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Chunky Stacking Puzzles

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Arguing Crosses The Line Into Dishonor

Written by Dr. James Dempsey The development of thought and language in children fascinates me. Children take words literally because they are ‘concrete’ thinkers, and that makes for some humorous misinterpretations. Here’s an old joke that illustrates this: A high school senior runs out of his graduation ceremony and cries “I’m free! I’m free!” Unimpressed, the preschooler answers “So what,…

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10 Rescue Games for Teachers

Any experienced teacher knows the value of having an idea you can use in an emergency.  In this podcast I want to give you some of my favorite games with no props.  That’s right!  We need games we can play when there is no time to run and find equipment or paper and other supplies.  I recommend you take this…

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Get Your Camera Ready!

It’s time for summer and that means you will be taking lots of pictures of kids.  Parents love to see the pictures!  Last year, I had moms texting me for pictures and even offering baked goods as a reward.  I gladly clicked some for her.  Parents are thrilled to get pics texted to them. Don’t forget, the kids love to…

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Help! I am new to kid’s ministry!

Dear Mr. Mark— After several years of not having an active Children’s Director, I accepted the position.  I have not had any training in this area so I need some help. I want to start in the children’s departments.  My immediate plans are to go into various departments and just visit to observe how things are done, how the teachers…

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Liberty Crown

Here is a great holiday favor to add to any Independence Day celebration.  Invite kids to create a Statue of Liberty crown to wear.  Be ready to take pictures of your liberty kids. Things to gather: Large sheet of green craft foam Black permanent marker Ruler Scissors Put it together: Draw an inside circle that will fit around the child’s…

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Sun Ray Catcher

Younger children will enjoy making this colorful craft then letting the sun shine through it.  The colors they choose will light up bright. Large “O” shape from black poster board Clear contact paper Colorful tissue squares (precut) Permanent marker- black Jumbo craft stick Scissors Glue Draw the large letter “O” on the poster board and cut it out. Place the…

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mojo 1

Will You Help Me Decide?

Some of you know that I have been working on a new book, 31 Days to Finding Your Kids’ Ministry Mojo and now I need help choosing a cover.  The final edits are completed and I have received some terrific endorsements which are a huge blessing to me.  I hope to share an excerpt of the book soon so you…

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