More Favorite Things!

Recently I wrote about five of my favorite things. Of course, I have other favorite things, so this is “more favorite things” for teachers. These things can be used for teacher-made resources, preparation for teaching, and for outreach ideas.   Binder Clips: The clips are available in different sizes and colors. I use the clips to organize and clip papers…

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Leading Volunteers

Better You = Better Team Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”  In other words, you’ll attract leaders of the same caliber as you.  So if you’re feeling frustrated with your leadership team, it makes sense to first improve your leadership skills.  Here are simple ways to do just that. Keep learning. The key to good…

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Missions: Families remember the elderly in their church

Items needed: paper, envelopes, stamps, stickers, crayons, markers, pens, a list of widows or elderly couples in your church and their addresses Mission project: Write and mail cards to widows or an elderly couple in your church or community. Give each family member a piece of paper and supplies. Fold the  paper in half to make a card. Write a…

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Home-made Fruit Baskets

Items needed: paper plates, stapler, coloring pictures of fruit, crayons, markers, scissors Craft prep: Cut out a half circle from the middle of the paper plates.  Each child will need two plates.  Write one fruit of the spirit on each fruit pictured.  Make one copy of the fruit sheet for each child. Craft: Place the crayons and markers on the…

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3 Weeks and Limited Spots Available!

It’s all about sharpening your skills, vision and leadership in Childhood Ministry Super Sessions, Break-Outs and Take-Outs March 27 & 28, 2015 Oklahoma City, Quail Springs Baptist Church Register by March 1, 2015 for early bird bonuses. Schedule: March 27 8:00        Registration opens Early bird Bonus Pre-Conferences 9:00        Pre-Con 1 10:15     Pre-Con 2 11:15     Lunch 12:30     Super Session 1- Dr….

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Fruit Basket Turnover

Game set-up: One less chair than children participating, in a circle, facing inward.  To play: Each child is to sit in a chair with one volunteer standing in the middle. Every child is to think of a fruit (in this case, a fruit of the Spirit) and tell their neighbor what fruit they chose. You may want to assign fruits….

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Words in a Bottle

A Great Idea for Manipulatives: Certain words are familiar to children at an early age, and the word love is one a child hears and learns to say. A teacher can guide a child to understand what the Bible teaches about God’s love and about the love of Jesus. An activity such as “words in a bottle”  will involve a…

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Share the Joy! Working with a Ministry Team

You are NOT supposed to do it all. In this podcast interview with Bill Emeott we will discuss and consider eight ways to develop and work with a ministry team. We will look at ways to create a shared team culture of ministry. WHY USE A TEAM?   What does the Bible say? Proverbs 11:14 – Without guidance, people fall, but…

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Spell It!

*Write letters on separate sheets of paper and tape them onto the front of each child’s shirt. *Explain that you will call out a name of a Bible book or person in the Bible. *Children will scramble around to spell the word by standing in the correct order. *Consider using the Books from the same division of the Bible when…

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map 1

Space-Saving Map Idea

Supplies: 50 x 30 world map, cardboard mailing tube (We used an old VBS tube. Make sure it has end plugs so you can store your dry erase markers inside), laminator, clear packing tape, a 20 oz solo cup, duck tape, sharpie, scissors, dry erase markers I trimmed the map edging from the 30” side to 27 ½” so it would fit…

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