Amazing Magnetic Maze

          Draw a pathway on the bottom of a box (boot boxes work great).  Make a starting line and a finish line.  Provide a magnet and a metal object such as a washer to move through the maze. (Consider gluing or taping an army man, a plastic bug, or something of that size)  If two magnets…

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Concentration Compliation

          Write the scripture reference of each plague on one color of index card and lay them face down.  On a different color card, write out the ten plagues.  Place these face down also.  Make the game harder for older kids by omitting the color differences and mixing the cards face down.  Take turns turning over…

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Pray for Mr. Mark

Let me come clean with you.  Since arriving back from East Asia VBS trip this summer, enlisting three zillion Sunday School workers, record-breaking numbers for Promotion Sunday and, (thank goodness) school starting, I have been too tired to even think about Mr. Mark’s Classroom.  I was getting pretty discouraged with the drops in our subscriptions (now just under 4600) and…

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The Great Backpack Stack

              It is September, school has just started and everyone is thinking school and school supplies.  Invite your families to buy a few extra supplies to donate to your local Title 1 school. Have your children place the items into backpacks and stack them up.  This is a great activity to create a little…

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Agency D3 Secret Assignments

          Don’t let the fun of this summer’s VBS stop just because the school year has started.  Provide each of your kids with a Top Secret Assignment from Agency D3.  A great agent will do the mission without anyone knowing. Place their mission inside a manila envelope with the child’s name on it, and the words…

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Unleavened Bread

          Recipe: 2 c. unbleached whole grain flour, 2/3 c. water, 2 tsp honey, 2 tsp olive oil, 1 tsp kosher salt.  Provide a bowl, spoon, measuring utensils. Direct the kids to measure and to mix the ingredients together, adding the flour last.  Mix until it pulls away from the sides of the bowl. Give each…

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Indoor Horse Shoe Game

          Fill an empty half-liter soda bottle with pebbles to make a stake.  Glue the caps on securely.  Cut the center from plastic coffee-can lids to make rings to serve as horseshoes.  Print the words from the Bible verse on the “horse shoes” and encourage the children to “ring” or “toss” the word “horse shoe” rings…

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Painting with Ice

          Provide ice cubes that have been frozen on craft sticks.  Invite the children to sprinkle dry Jell-O or tempera paint on construction paper and use ice cubes as brushes.  As the children paint with the ice remind them about the colors found in water in the lakes, rivers, and ponds we see.  Say, “God made…

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Dime Toss Game

          Tape up pictures of a pharaoh, Egyptians, and Jewish slaves.  On index cards write, draw, or paste a visual of each of the ten plagues.  Place a line on the floor using tape/yarn.  Kids must stand behind the line to take turns tossing a dime at the wall to see who can get their dime…

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Shaping a Child’s Life

Coaching Your Kids in Life You and I have both heard, “Children are so impressionable.”  Maybe you have even said that, but do you act on it?  My wife Connie and I were told as young parents that our son at age five would act the same at age 15.  We were shocked!  Zac was four and Wes was two…

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