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I know we just finished Halloween, and by the way we had a successful run with “Light the Night” again this year. I’m sure your Halloween/ Fall Festival adventures were great too. Even though I adventhave “Light the Night” supplies piled up outside my office, I still have “Turkey of the Year”, November 18, and Christmas one the way. Planning ahead, we made our Turkey plans and I wrote family advent ideas for our pastor’s weekly Christmas devotions. I know the families will enjoy that. All that’s left is putting up the Halloween mountain of stuff and getting out the Christmas decorations. That closet is a mess (for years).
If you are swimming in holiday planning like me, I found something that might help. I came across a resource you should check out for Advent. It might be a fun way to resource your families for December. Here is the info I received so you can check it out yourself. Happy Holiday Marathon!!
Your Friend,
Mr. Mark
Good afternoon!
I’m the director of Crossroads Kid’s Club, the kids’ ministry at Crossroads Churchin Cincinnati, Ohio. Beginning December 1, we have a free online Advent experience with daily verses, music or videos and activities for families. The goal of each day is to help families (1) focus on Jesus and (2) have fun together.

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