Create a basic concentration game with one set of

numbered bags. Prepare sets of pictures or photo-graphs to place in the bags.


Focus on fall to make a concentration game to enjoy during this time of the year.


(Note: Computer clip art was used for the pictures in the illustration for a fall concentration game.)

Supplies for Concentration Game:

  • 12 quart-size zip-lock bags
  • 12 address labels
  • construction paper
  • 6 sets of pictures or photographs

Alternate Ideas:

Use 8 or 10 bags. Use a permanent marker to number bags.



1. Print numbers 1-12 on address labels; attach a label to each bag.

2. Cut paper to fit inside the bags.

3. Mix pictures; place one in each bag behind the paper so that it will be visible

when the bag is turned over.

4. Spread the bags on the floor or on a table.

Ready, Set, Play!

Ask a child to turn over two bags. If the pictures, match, he leaves the bags face-

up. If the pictures do not match, he leaves the bags facedown. Continue playing

the game until all of the pictures have been matched. Rearrange the pictures in

the bags and repeat the game.


Teaching Tips:

  • Remind boys and girls that they are wonderfully made and that God planned

for them to be able to think.

  • Explain that the word concentration means to think about something. Playing

concentration challenges children and provides them with different learning


  • Guide children to look at the pictures and talk about things God made.
  • Read Bible verses such as Think about the wonderful things God made

(Job 37:14), I am wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14), and Say thank you

to God (Psalm 136:1).



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