• Oral exploration


• Teething


• Hunger or fatigue


• Lack of awareness that biting hurts


• Frustration, anxiety, stress


• Inability to express feelings or needs verbally


• Mimicking behavior


• Inexperienced peer interactions


• A way of showing affection


• A need for autonomy or control


• Exploring cause and effect relationships



What Can I Do If Biting Continues?


• Document biting in a log, noting patterns (time, child involved, area of room, activity child is doing)


• Observe for possible causes of biting.


• Say a firm, “No, Biting hurts.”


• Model empathy and caring for the child who was bitten.


• Implement solutions to possible causes of biting:


o Provide sensory activities, teething items.


o Reinforce “gentle touches.”


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