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Shadow Puppets

Shadow Puppets

    Supplies: Corrugated board Die cut  (NOTE:  If you don’t have a die cut machine, trace the figures on cardstock, cut them out with scissors and tape the skewer to the back.) Bamboo skewers Light source- use in sunlight (if possible) to cast a shadow on the ground....

Making a Giraffe

Making a Giraffe   Gather: Copy paper box Scissors Exacto knife Four-foot long mailing tubes One swim noodle Yellow rolled paper Brown construction paper Yarn (tail) Two large wiggle eyes Glue Flat craft foam (yellow) Toilet paper Tubes and Pom-Poms  ...

VBS Campsite

VBS Campsite

  This four-panel set is perfect for a classroom where teachers need space to lead their Bible study yet create the mood of a safari campout. The poster panels are eight feet tall. They measure 16 feet when connected together. The panel posters create a beautiful...

Animal Cracker I Spy

Animal Cracker I Spy

    Supplies Needed: Clear container Beans, rice or bird seed as a filler Animal Crackers or small objects that represent something in your class lesson Packing tape or glue Cardstock   Make: In a clear container pour a small amount of bird seed, beans or rice. After...




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