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Quick Fix Decorations

Now you can download and print you own Vacation Bible School decorations! A perfect solution for easy decorating in classrooms, hallways, and doors. Choose the theme bundle you want to use and download it. The artwork prints on 11 x 17 inch paper. Trim the edges with scissors and adhere to the bulletin board or focal wall.

The beauty of this Quick-Fix Decoration is once you download it, there’s no end to making all the copies you want. That’s right! You can spread the love to all the teachers and transform your classrooms and hallways without all the hassle.

The Quick-Fix Decorations are now available in these complete bundles: Wheel of Fortune, Sweets & Treats, Video Games.

Tip- Create Decorating Kits your teachers will go crazy having this year. Get the copies made and placed them in large literature zip bags with a roll of Mavalus Tape and colorful vinyl table cloths to hang from the ceiling on your focal wall. Your teachers will be thrilled to pick up a decorating kit! No waiting for delivery because it is an immediate download at your desk!

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