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  1. Create a prayer book of community and national leaders.
  2. Create “Vacation Backpacks” by collecting used backpacks from school and filling them with activities kids can do while traveling. Use a check-out system.
  3. Plant flowers or deliver paper snowflakes at the nursing home (Residents love to hear kids sing too.).
  4. Create a bulletin board display in the church showing soldiers on active duty connected to members in the church.
  5. Prayer Drive (instead of Prayer Walking)– leave a note attached with a ribbon tied to the homes of kids’ friends.
  6. Clean rural mailboxes – leave a note of prayer.
  7. Have a litter pick-up day.
  8. Clean glass storm doors for a service project.
  9. Serve or clean up a community holiday food distribution dinner.
  10. Make invitations for kids in your neighborhood for VBS.
  11. Rake leaves for neighbors.
  12. Clear ice and snow from the sidewalks of neighbors’ houses.
  13. Volunteer to wash tables and collect trash at church dinners.
  14. Become a pen pal for a missionary kid (
  15. Make a large appreciation card and deliver it to local police department or other community leaders.
  16. Create placemats for nursing home.
  17. Visit someone who is lonely- pray together.
  18. Donate dolls, board games, ball gloves and sports equipment to local shelter.
  19. Wash car windows of elderly and single mothers after church.
  20. Create a class directory – call, text or email everyone on Saturday to invite to Sunday School.
  21. Interview pastor to discover ways to pray for him and the church – create a Bible bookmark as a reminder to pray.
  22. Collect winter coats for distribution.
  23. Email community leaders – encouragement and thanks.
  24. Collect cans to redeem for annual mission offering.
  25. Purchase a box fan and deliver it to someone without air conditioning.
  26. Paint a fence for a service project.
  27. Adopt a local fire station to tour and pray for firefighters.
  28. Create a valentine for nursing home residents and deliver.
  29. Collect toothbrushes and toothpaste for homeless.
  30. Create a nativity scene from craft materials and deliver it to a homebound member or neighbor.
  31. Ask a senior adult to be your prayer partner for one month.
  32. Send a drawing and prayer to a local soldier serving away from home.
  33. Provide a coffee and cake fellowship after church or before Sunday School for a senior adult class.
  34. Ask for chores at home to earn money for annual missions offering.
  35. Plant flowers for homebound neighbors and friends to enjoy.
  36. Collect new toys for holiday charity.
  37. Assemble manila envelopes of drawing paper, coloring book pages & crayons for use by DHS office or police department.
  38. Collect used and new Bibles for a local shelter.
  39. Collect and donate grocery bags for local food distribution.
  40. Create puppets and perform a puppet show for preschoolers or nursing home residents.
  41. Do yard work for homebound, senior adults or single moms of the church.
  42. Conduct “Lottie Moon Post Office” by delivering Christmas Cards addressed to church members in their Sunday School classes.
  43. Help clean-out church flower beds and plant flowers.
  44. Become a “secret” prayer partner to a senior adult for one month – send or secretly deliver a weekly note of encouragement.
  45. Send notes of appreciation to your church staff: pastor and other ministers, instrumentalists, secretaries, custodians, etc.
  46. Create and deliver invitations to church activities to neighbors.
  47. Conduct a FREE Family Movie Night at church for the neighborhood, complete with FREE popcorn or other snacks.
  48. Do at least SIX random acts of kindness for various neighbors throughout the year.
  49. Host a Summer Splash Party at church for the neighborhood kids – play water games.
  50. Serve as greeters and ushers at church.
  51. Prayer walk in your neighborhood – leave notes of encouragement at the homes of people you know.
  52. Make a Christmas Ornament for neighbors and invite them to church Christmas events.
  53. Host a New Year’s Eve Fellowship for the neighborhood kids – provide games & snacks.
  54. Create and deliver valentines to the local Baptist Collegiate Ministries for International Students along with a basket of goodies.
  55. Create and deliver goody bags with notes of encouragement to teachers at the local school.
  56. Assemble and deliver personal health care bags with notes of encouragement to be given out at local shelters.
  57. Create and distribute to church members a prayer book of community and national leaders. Send notes of encouragement to one or more of these leaders.
  58. Participate in National Children’s Ministry Day Activity (Usually the 2nd or 3rd Saturday of February).
  59. Participate in International Mission Study- Lottie Moon (November/December).
  60. Participate in North American Mission Study- Annie Armstrong (March/ April).


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