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Concentration games challenge preschoolers to use their minds to think and remember. A variety of materials can be used to create concentration games. Boys and girls will enjoy matching items as they play a game with their friends at church.

Label and bag games to file for future use. Consider making an extra game to give to a child to enjoy at home.

This concentration game uses a favorite item—crayons.

Supplies for Crayon Concentration Game:

  1. muffin pan
  2. crayons
  3. small paper cups to fit muffin pan sections
  4. permanent marker


1.       Print numbers 1-12 on the bottom of paper cups.

2.       Choose 6 sets of crayons. Cut crayons to fit inside muffin pan sections.

3.       Mix crayons and place one in each section of muffin pan.

4.       Cover each section with a paper cup. (See illustration.)

5.       Place the muffin pan on a table or on the floor.

Ready, Set, Play!

Ask a child to lift up two bags. If the crayon colors match, he leaves  the cups off the pan.  If the crayon colors do not match, he replaces the cups on the crayons. Continue playing the game until all of the crayon colors have been matched. Rearrange the crayons in the pan and repeat the game.

Teaching Tips:

·         Enjoy watching boys and girls play the game. Remind preschoolers that God gives us things to enjoy (1 Timothy 6:17).

·         Make a connection to the Bible story or Bible verse by talking about  God’s plan for people and ways we learn about the Bible when we come to church.

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