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When planning art activities for preschoolers, be ready to introduce different ways to use paint. Sponge painting can be done in a variety of ways.

Consider using alphabet sponges with the alphabet shapes glued on plastic film cans.


Art activities provide opportunities for conversation about a Bible story, a Bible verse, or the Bible truth for the session.


Supplies for Alphabet Art:

  • alphabet sponges (thick sponge letters of the alphabet)

Check the Crayola® displays in craft stores or discount stores for packaged

sponges or order from places such as Amazon or Discount School Supply.

  • plastic film cans (easy to clean and easy for a child to hold)
  • glue gun/hot glue (for teacher-use only)
  • liquid tempera paint/clear plate or foil pan
  • paper



1. Use a glue gun and hot glue to attach the sponges to the bottoms of film cans.

(Other glue will not work.)

2.    Pour the paint in a clear plate or foil pan.

3. Press a sponge letter into the paint, and then press onto paper.

4. Allow the paint to dry.

Teaching Tips:

  • Arrange the alphabet sponges (A-Z) on a table. Notice children as they name letters.
  • Describe plans to print words. Provide a copy of the words.
  • Guide a child to find the letters needed to spell the words.
  • Show the child how to hold the film can with the alphabet sponge. As he presses his sponge in the paint, guide him to press the letter on the paper.
  • Continue until the word is painted on the paper.
  • Look at words such as God loves you and say: “God loves you and I love you (John 15:9).”

Alternate Idea: Invite a child to use the alphabet sponges to “paint” his name on



Additional information about sponge painting:

Sponge shapes such as animals and flowers can be also be purchased and used with the plastic film cans.


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