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What you will need:bazinga

  • Black foam core board
  • Pocket envelopes, like library book pockets
  • Star cut outs
  • Index cards
  • Sharpie
  • Glue
  • Letters cut out that spell “BAZINGA”

Put it together:

  1. Create a BAZINKA Board using a black foam core board. Glue the word “BAZINGA” at the top. Write the numbers 1-9 on star cut outs. Glue stars to 9 pocket envelopes. Secure envelopes to board.
  1. Print the following actions on the lower half of an index card: Add 2 additional points to your score.The team with the lowest score must do 5 pushups. The team with the highest score must jog in place for 10 seconds. Choose a player from lowest scoring team and move to the highest. Take 1 point from each of the other teams and add it to your own. Take 2 points from your team’s score and give to another team. BAZINKA Card—Take half of every teams score and add it to yours.
  1. Create teams and prepare review questions; designate a scorekeeper.
  2. Randomly place 3 cards in each envelope with the blank side exposed.
  3. Ask each team one question at a time. After giving the correct answer, the team chooses an envelope and follows the instructions.
  4. (Create your own ideas for the action cards and switch out to keep the game fun and exciting.)

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