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  • Gather:  
    • 2 paper plates  
    • Orange paper  
    • Green paper  
    • Blue marker  
    • Brown marker  
    • Stapler  
    • Scissors  
    • Glue  
    • Pencil   
  •  Instructions:  
    • Cut one of your plates in half  
    • Color one of the halves brown with your marker  
    • Color the top of the other plate blue  
    • Staple the brown half to the bottom of the whole plate  
    • On your orange paper, trace several carrots and cut them out  
    • Cut carrot tops out of your green paper and attach them to the carrots  
    • Place your carrots in the dirt  

Easter Bracelet: Easy Free Download

Make copies for the children to color and cut-out.  Direct them to cut along the dotted lines, wrap around your wrist and side the cross halves together to connect and show the cross on top of your wrist.  Explain the Easter story of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection.  Help children understand the A,B,C’s of becoming a Christian by accepting God’s wonderful gift of forgiveness and eternal life.  Happy Easter!  “He is risen!”  

Click here to download yours!

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