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If you have a Giant Game Floor Mat, you can start saving ideas for using it. Seasonal ideas can be used anytime no matter what your monthly unit might be. It is also a good idea to have a game ready to use for “something extra.” This month’s game mat idea is for a Christmastime activity.


Spread the game mat on the floor or hang on the wall using Command Hooks®—holes are provided on two sides of the mat.




Supplies for Christmastime Activity for Giant Game Floor Mat:

  • Giant Game Floor Mat (LifeWay Christian Resources, Item 1114564)
  • Command Hooks® for hanging on the wall
  • Christmas paper plates to place in pockets (20 clear pockets on the mat)
  • white address labels
  • gift bag
  • Bible verses on white paper
  • Bible markers for four Bible verses




1. Print numbers 1-20 on address labels. Attach one label on each plate.

2. Place numbered plates in pockets—5 pockets in each row.

3. Print Bible verse words on white paper. Place one word* behind each plate.

Row 1: Good   news!   Jesus   was   born   (Luke 2:10-11)

Row 2: Jesus   was   born   in   Bethlehem   (Matthew 2:1)

Row 3: God   loved   us   and sent   His Son   (1 John 4:10)

*(Combine some words for row 3.)

Row 4: Mary    was   Jesus’   mother   (Matthew 1:16)

(Add one piece of blank paper in row 4.)

4. Place markers in the Bible for the four Bible verses.

5. Print another set of numbers 1-20 to attach to individual cards. Drop the

cards in a gift bag.

Teaching Tips:

  • Open the Bible to Luke 2:10-11. Explain that the words of the Bible verse

will be part of the game to talk about the Good News—the birth of Jesus.

  • Invite a child to pick a card from the gift bag and find the matching number

on a plate in the game mat. Ask the child to remove the plate and see a Bible

verse word. Continue playing the game, pausing when enough words are

revealed that the Bible verse can be read.

Note: To simplify or shorten the game time, choose two or three Bible verses

and add blank paper in the empty places. If a child removes a numbered plate

without a word behind it, he can take another turn or choose a friend to take the

next turn.

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