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For each child you will need:                        Good news buzzer pic

  • a craft stick
  • two pieces of duct tape 1/2” wide by 6” long
  • a one cardstock 3” x 3” square
  • a rubber band
  • a 12” piece of yarn
  • markers and a stapler to share


Place the cardstock on the craft stick, edge to edge and evenly between the ends.  Staple twice.  Wrap the duct tape strips around the craft stick on either side of the card. Tie the yarn between the card and duct tape ONLY ON ONE SIDE.  Stretch the rubber band from one end of the craft stick to the other.  Decorate the card with your bible verse or “Tell the Good News!”  OUTSIDE – Hold the end of the yarn and whirl the card over your head in a lasso motion to make it BUZZ!

                                        Good news buzzer pic 2 (2)





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