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  • Craft foam
  • Silver tape
  • Craft punch
  • Various shapes to use as stamps (the cap of a fine-point Sharpie works well)
  • Ribbon



  1. Cut the ribbon into 12-inch lengths.
  2. Cut the foam into 2-by-5-inch lengths.
  3. Cut the tape into 5-inch lengths



  1. Cover both sides of the craft foam with silver tape. Trim away the excess foam. (TIP: Pull about 1/2 inch of the backing from the tape and fold. Align the tape with the corner and slowly pull the backing while smoothing the tape against the foam.) 
  2. Use the stamps to make impressions on the foam. 
  3. Punch a small opening on one end of the bookmark.
  4. Use a hitch knot to add ribbon to the bookmark:
    • Fold the ribbon in half and insert the folded end through the hole.
    • Feed the ends of the ribbon through the loop created by the fold.
    • Pull the ends of the ribbon until the knot is snug.



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