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I just wanted to make you aware of a curriculum I use on Wednesdays called Bible Skills Drills and Thrills.  It is available through LifeWay Christian Resources and most LifeWay Bookstores. If your church is interested in beginning this program, we are using the blue cycle for the 2015-2016 year.  I have been using this material for several years and love how easy and creative it is for my teachers.  Here is a picture of the verse game I created last night.sticks

My kids will learn the Books of the Bible and be able to find a book in 10 seconds or less, naming the book before it and after it.  They are also learning 25 Bible verses and 10 key passages.  We are planning to host a Church Bible Drill and go all the way to the state Bible Drill too.  We must equip our kids with Bible Skills and this material is perfect for doing that.  I have included some more information from our state office that might be helpful.  Leave a comment and let me and our community know if you use this too.

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What is Children’s Bible Drill?
The purpose of Children’s Bible Drill is to make disciples for Christ.
The goal of Children’s Bible Drill is to help children:

  • Increase in the knowledge of the Bible.
  • Develop skills in locating Bible Books and Key Passages.
  • Memorize the names of the Books of the Bible in order and the Bible Verses and Key Passages identified on the current Verse Cards.
  • Learn how to apply the Bible to their lives.

What are the benefits of using Children’s Bible Drill?
Making disciples for Christ is a rewarding experience for both children and teachers. Children enjoy having teachers take time to nurture them and lead them in a more thorough understanding of Christ and what He desires for us. They enjoy games that lead them to discover God, His Word and how to apply Scriptures to their daily lives. It is rewarding for older children to know an adult at church who believes in them, and who is there to support, and encourage them as
they practice to become more like Jesus.

Teachers gain the reward of knowing “I have spent my time well” when they see preteens experience success as they apply the Scriptures to their daily life.They enjoy seeing children accomplish major challenges as they memorize
Books of the Bible, a Key Passage or Verse. They are humbled as they become aware of how God uses them to change the lives of children through this discipleship ministry.

Who can participate in Bible Drill?
Children’s Bible Drill is for fourth through sixth grade students. Although there are Bible Skills, Drills, and Thrills materials to use with first through third grade students, they will need to wait to be eligible to participate in Bible Drill.

Children’s Bible Skills, Drills, and Thrills, which includes the Bible Drill activities, also includes activities for boys and girls who may not choose to participate in Bible Drill. Bible Drill is only one of the choices for Bible Skills, Drills and Thrills.

What do children learn in Bible Drill?
Every child will learn the Books and divisions of the Bible, Bible Verses, Key Passages, Bible Book content, Bible history, Bible people and life application. For those children who desire to participate in the Children’s Bible Drill, leaders will spend time helping them develop Bible Skills and Bible Drill participation skills so that they are ready to drill in a church, association and State Bible Drill. Children learn presentation skills from the drills as well as Bible Skills.

For the full Church packet click on link below…


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