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Mega Game Mats!

Many people have already purchased the table top games for the New Testament and for the Old Testament.  On the video I demonstrate how it works and describe all the game ideas that are included. The game board is made of durable vinyl and packaged with two sets of colorful books of the Bible cards in a tube for easy storage.   Children can play alone or with friends as a self-directed activity. Perfect for early arrivers, class review games or practice at home. The game board measures 32″ long x 24″ wide.

.53 Bible Skill game

Now, we have the giant size game boards to play the games standing like these fifth grade boys with the Old Testament Game.  Getting kids up out of the chair is always going to be better for retaining information and participating. The new lightweight vinyl fabric the game boards are printed on is durable so kids can stand on it wearing their shoes.  Clean gently with a damp cloth.  The colors are bright and vibrant and the five foot size is such an attention grabber.  Mega Game boards are sold together and neatly fold flat for easy storage.  Same great game, but only bigger, much bigger!

3.19 boys feet playing new Bible skill game

Go to to order your game or Mega Game Board set today.  Be sure to check out the Bible Hop Mats too.  Kids jump around from letter to letter in order to name the books of the Bible.  This is another great physical game while practicing the books of the Bible.  Hop Mats are five feet by five feet in size.

bile hop mat

This durable vinyl mat contains all the initials for the books of the Bible including the numbers 1-2-3.  The mat is 5’ x 5’ and beautifully illustrated guaranteed not to rip or tear.  It is perfect for getting kids up on their feet and moving while practicing the books of the Bible.  Both mats are opposite colors and the letters are rearranged to keep the kids searching.

Do you think your kids will enjoy learning the books of the Bible this way?  Let me know.

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