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When you make your Sunday morning plans , think about a cleaning activity. Shop for cleaning supplies. Encourage  boys and girls to use the supplies to clean furniture and other items in the homeliving center

Recall Bible verses such as We are helpers (2 Corinthians 1:24) and Work with your hands (1 Thessalonians 4:11) to focus on teaching Bible truths.

Illustration for Home Cleaning

Supplies for Home Cleaning*:

  • spray bottle (Use only a small amount of water in the bottle.)
  • small  dust pan with broom
  • small cloths or paper towels
  • brushes  for dusting

*I purchased the cleaning supplies at Dollar Tree—inexpensive and good sizes for boys and girls to use.


1. Arrange the cleaning supplies on the table. (See illustration.)

2. Talk about people doing cleaning work in their homes.

3. Call attention the cleaning supplies that can be used to clean the home

4. Guide the children to be careful when spraying the water and to use the cloths and paper towels as needed.

Teaching Tips

  • Remind boys and girls of ways they can help at church and at home. Listen as they talk about their families and ways to work together.
  • Acknowledge a child helps another child. Comment: ”The Bible says, ‘We are helpers’.”

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