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light the night

Goal: This Halloween alternative will allow our church members to meet families taking their kids from home to home. The outreach is to give wide spread exposure about the church and our ministry to families and kids & to help host homes get to know more families from their neighborhood.

When: October 31, 6 – 8pm (Volunteers in place by 5:30 & Clean up till 8:30)

Who & Where: Adult SS Departments would volunteer to host at least one house per department which would take “Light the Night” into our neighborhoods.

Elements at each host location include:

•              Inflatables such as a Bounce House (in front yard).

•              Pumpkin Pie eating contest in driveway (1 slice of pie, hands behind back, winner receives a king-size candy bar.)

•              Carnival-type game to play in the yard to get candy.

•              Kid’s Ministry cards & novelty gift to be given out from the porch.

•              Register to Win Table- Register visitors to win the Grand Prize.  Winner will be posted on the website November 2.

Volunteers for each location:

•              Host

•              Inflatables (2)

•              Candy Distribution

•              Games (2)

•              Pie Contest (2)

•              Registration Table (2)

•              Friendly Talkers (2 or more)

Department Responsibilities:

•              4-5 Pumpkin Pies (Sam’s Warehouse- Pre-order)

•              Paper plates, Paper towels, Wet wipes

•              Trashcan

•              Tables (church has limited number of tables)

•              King-size candy bars

•              Music (Sound System if possible)

•              Carnival Games (One game for each younger and older kids) to play for candy

•              Department members with iPad or computer can register visitors to win the Grand Prize- TBA (paper registration slips can also be used and entered later).  Winner will be posted on the website November 2.

Childhood Ministry Team Responsibilities:

1.             Order an inflatable/ bounce house for each location to be delivered.

2.             Gather and sort candy for each location.

3.             Signage and Banners

4.             Organize and promote candy donations.

5.             Seek to provide a sound system/ music for each location.

6.             Order “Light the Night” flashlights to give-away along with a ministry information card with church website.

7.             Order signs for each yard

8.             Kid ministry staff will deliver all items to homes on the day of the event.

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