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  • Lunch sack (Brown)
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Construction Paper (brown, yellow, orange, red)
  • Scissors
  • Glue



  1. Turn the sack upside down so the bottom is facing you when folded. This will be the face of the puppets
  2. Cut feather shapes from the construction paper. Two feathers of each color for each puppet.
  3. Glue the tail feathers on the back of the sack (behind the face of the puppet) in a fan pattern.
  4. Glue the wiggle eyes in place.
  5. Create the beak by cutting an orange feather in half and glue on the face of the puppet allowing it the hang over slightly.
  6. Cut a waddle (strange heart shape) to glue next to the beak.
  7. Optional- add a bottom beak for the inside of the mouth and feathers on the front of the puppet.




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