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Using a four feet by eight feet (4 x 8 ft) sheet of double wall cardboard. Divide it in half longwise. Now there should be two separate pieces two feet by eight feet (2 x 8 ft).   
Measure and mark 6, 12, and 18 inches so there are four equal widths and draw a line the length of the card board.   
Score these lines without cutting through the material. The card board will now bend evenly to give a rounded tree trunk look and stand without props.   
Lay the piece down and measure four feet from the end to find the middle.   

Mark a line across the middle and score along that line so the tree can be folded in half and stored when it is completed. 

Gently apply the spray foam insulation moving in a moderate pace so lines are thinner, bumpy and ununiformed. Begin at one end of each row and move down the tree longwise.
Be patient and allow the foam to completely dry overnight.
Move the trees to be painted by standing and opening them. Use long spray streaks of matte finish paint. 
Colors should vary; primer brown, brown, dark brown, green and light green, gray and black. If you cannot reach the top of the tree, turn it upside down and finish painting.
Let it dry completely before cutting through the foam along the middle line. Fold and store.

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