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I recently visited a young family that had a nativity scene for their side table.  It was made child friendly so their two year old could play with it.  The hope was the nativity could be displayed through Christmastime and as the child played with it, they could talk about it.  I was glad to join in as I sat down on the couch.  We discussed the different people but when we put the manger in place, baby Jesus was missing.  I asked the child where the baby was and mom explained that he was lost.  I don’t know if he was lost in the cushions or under the couch or carried to a toy box in the other room.  I wanted so bad to look for him but I didn’t think she appreciate me pulling the cushions off the couch.  I know I don’t want someone doing that to my couch! Embarrassing!

We continued our visit but I was worried that the loss of Baby Jesus was not as serious to them as it was to me.  How can we continue with no Baby Jesus?  He is God’s Son!  He gives forgiveness and life to all who ask.  This is no small thing!  You will be glad to know I did not give them that lecture, instead I loved them with Christ-like nonjudgmental love.  I’m sure the nativity piece will show up somewhere.  My greater concern is if this family knows the life changing power of Jesus.

Lets commit together in 2015, to tell families about Jesus and what a difference He has made in our life.  There is no time for a little Jesus when we need a lot of Jesus in our families every day.

Merry Christmas Friends!

Mr. Mark



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