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Adjective Rainbow

Adjective Rainbow Gather:White construction paper or cardstockRed, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple construction paperMarkersLiquid glueShaving cream Prepare: Cut out a cloud shape out of white construction paper or cardstock. Cut...

Game Show Decorations

Game Show Decorations

Yes, It’s America’s Game for the classroom!        This would be so much fun as a game show from your stage. Four contestants on each side.  Each person standing behind the tri-fold boards that you stick the letters “GAME SHOW” to add the...

Coin Disc Spinner

Coin Disc Spinner Supplies:   Cardboard Circle  paper circle (same size as cardboard)   Coin (penny works best)  Markers  Glue  Scissors   Instructions:  Cut a circle shape out of cardboard.  You can use a small bowl...

Easter Cross Crafting

Easter Cross Crafting Supplies Needed  White card stock  Black construction paper  Brown construction paper  Brightly colored construction paper  Pencil  Scissors  Glue stick      Instructions  Cut a cross...



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