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Walk through Paper

Walk through Paper Supplies: Cardstock or regular copy paper (it holds together better than construction paper)ScissorsRulerPencil Tip: Make a practice sheet or two before you dazzle your friends with this trick! It makes sense after you make it once....

Duct Tape Bible Marker

Duct Tape Bible Marker Supplies: Duct tapeElastic hair tiePaper bradFlat bead Prepare: Cut the duct tape four times the height of the Bible. Play/Do: Lay the duct tape on the table, sticky side up.Slide the duct tape into the hair elastic. Position the elastic...

Leaf Painting

Leaf Painting Kids love painting experiences! Supplies: Variety of leavesPaper platesPlay doughTapePaint (fall colors)Construction paper (fall colors)Tray or shallow panVarious types of paintbrushes (toothbrush, wide paint brush, skinny paint brush,...


Bananagrams These little tiles are a big hit. This will be a great idea for your kindergarteners. Supplies: Bananagrams (any letter tiles)Newspapers or magazines (optional) Play: Older preschoolers can begin looking at letters. Print or write out the...




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