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Summer Shell Necklace

Summer Shell Necklace Supplies: Air Dry claySeashellsPaint and Paint brushCordScissorsBeadsMarker Instructions: Form a ball of air dry clay and roll until smooth. Press it out gently forming it into a flat circle. Try to make it smooth without any cracks.Press...

FROG Memory Verse Holder

FROG Memory Verse Holder Supplies: Paper towel tube (cut)Construction paperWiggly eyesGlueStaplerIndex cards or paperRed and Black Markers Prepare: Cut the paper towel tube to approximately 4 inches in length.Cut a piece of green construction paper to cover the...


Kaleidoscope Supplies: Chip canDecorative paperIridescent pony beadsIridescent faceted beadsHot glueClear plasticMirror paperAwl (leader use only) Prepare: Cut the decorative paper to fit around the outside of the chip can.Punch a hole in the metal end...

Thirst-Buster Water Bottle

Thirst-Buster Water Bottle “But whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst . . . “ John 4:14a Supplies: Refillable Water BottleDuct Tape (various colors)Scissors (optional)Permanent Markers Instructions: To create the handle or shoulder...

Bubble Painting

Bubble Painting Supplies: Small disposable cupsLiquid food coloringLiquid dish soapWaterSpoonDrinking strawPaperMarkersNewspapers or a crafting table cloth Prepare: It's a good idea to put newspaper or a craft tablecloth under the cups before you begin....




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