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Mini Tic Tac Toe

Mini Tic Tac Toe GatherSupplies: Wood Slice (4-5 inches wide)AcrylicPaint (Colors don’t matter) Paint BrushesBlack SharpieGame Pieces (2 Sets of 5 matching pieces) Instructions: Paint whatever color/ design you want on your wood slice.Wait until paint is...

VBS 2023 Crafts Evaluation!!

VBS 2023 Crafts Evaluation!!

Our 2023 VBS is Twists & Turns, and I love seeing all your decorating ideas being shared on Facebook.  I wanted to share with you some results from testing all the crafts with some children.  We used boys and girls grades 1-5 to do each craft.  We...

When Elementary Kids Act Like Wild Monkeys

When Elementary Kids Act Like Wild Monkeys

What is a teacher to do with these crazy kids? These out-of-control classes run off our teachers causing them to never be interested in doing anything with the children’s ministry again.  Understandably, they do not want to fail miserably for a second time.  We face...

Shamrock Ring

Shamrock Ring Gather:  3 green pipe cleaners     Instructions:  Twist the pipe cleaners together just enough so that it will wrap around your finger  Twist into a circle to make the ring portion  Roll each individual pipe cleaner till you have...



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