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Cement Truck with Bonus Props

Cement Truck with Bonus Props This large colorful prop is perfect for a construction theme. The cement truck is eight feet long and over four feet tall. Its simple to stick on a construction foam panel and cut out with a sharp blade. The additional portion on the top...

Beaded Bubble Wand

Beaded Bubble Wand It’s almost SUMMER! It’s time be go outside and blow bubbles! Here’s a neat idea to make your own fancy bubble blower wand!  Supplies:     Small dowel rods Pipe cleaners (chenille stems) Various beads Glue gun...

Construction Stage Decorations Bundle

Construction Stage Decorations Bundle This impressive decorations bundle will fill a stage with a spectacular construction theme with no tracing and no painting. All of the pieces are on large stickers (8’ x 4’) and will easily adhere to construction foam board in only a...

Prayer Weaving

Prayer Weaving Here’s a creative way to keep up with prayer topics or prayer requests. This can be made as a personal prayer weaving or as a Sunday School class prayer board.  Supplies:     Corrugated cardboard Scissors Yarn...




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