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Pumpkin Spinner

Pumpkin Spinner

  Gather: Orange paper Tape Bamboo skewer Markers (green and black) Glue Prepare: Cut three orange circles for each project. Teach: Use the green marker to color the top inch of the bamboo skewer green. Fold each circle in half. Unfold the circles and draw the...

Family Prayer Tree 

Family Prayer Tree   With autumn just around the corner, I want to give you an idea submitted by Sarah Sorenson. Create a family prayer tree where kids can glue leaves onto tree art that includes names of family members. Art can be displayed in the...

Door Hanger Chore Chart

Door Hanger Chore Chart

  It’s back to school time! We’re all looking for ways to get our kiddos organized, and maybe even make mornings a little easier. Here’s an easy idea that a child can hang on their doorknob!  Let them make it or help you make it so they have some...



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