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Heart Spin Art

Heart Spin Art Supplies Needed: White card stock paper Scissors A salad spinner Tempra paints in squeeze bottles Masking tape  Instructions:  Cut out hearts on card stock. (Make sure the heart fits in your salad spinner!) Use some masking tape to...

Valentine Scavenger Hunt

Valentine Scavenger Hunt Gather: 18 “Love” scripture hearts18 scripture reference heartsA Bible for each student Prepare: Print the scripture hearts and the scripture reference hearts on white or colored printer paper. There are two groups of...

Game Show Decorations

Game Show Decorations

Yes, It’s America’s Game for the classroom!        This would be so much fun as a game show from your stage. Four contestants on each side.  Each person standing behind the tri-fold boards that you stick the letters “GAME SHOW” to add the...

Woodslice Snowman Ornament

Woodslice Snowman Ornament

GatherSupplies 3 Wood Slices (Slightly different in size from one another.) White, Black & Orange Acrylic Paint (Additional are optional.) Paint Brushes (Smaller for detail work.) Black Paint Pen/Sharpie (Optional) Hot Glue Gun & Glue...

Snowflake Mosaic

Snowflake Mosaic

Gather: Black cardstock 3 colors of blue paper Scissors Glue   Instructions: Cut small pieces of each color of paper Find the center of your paper and places 6 pieces going into different directions Keep going until you get your desired snowflake shape Glue all...



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