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School supplies are available at terrific prices this time of year.  It’s perfect for creating Bible skill games, as well as stocking the resource room and classrooms with consumable supplies for a new year. Here’s a couple of other ideas to consider: 

  • Be sure your ministry has a good pencil sharpener available to teachers or even in each classroom. We often overlook this need and it frustrates teachers and the kiddos.   
  • Clean out those cabinets. I removed a mountain for trash from classrooms and now we can function so much better and it smells better too.   

Starting a new year of school is a great new beginning place so let’s join the fun and freshen up our classrooms at church so kids and families can get excited about coming to study the Bible 


Bible Book Pencil Sorting Game 


  • Pencils (unsharpened) 
  • Pencil bags or boxes 
  • Tape or labels 
  • Permanent  marker 



  • Write a book of the Bible on each pencil. 
  • Label the pencil bags as a division of the Bible.
  • Place the pencils in a can so kids can draw out a pencil and place it in the correct division bag.   

(Optional- List the books of that division on the back so kids can self-check their answers.)  




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