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Easel painting is one of the favorite art activities for preschool boys and girls. Consider making an easel from a pizza box to provide easel painting experiences.

Curious preschoolers will notice the new easel when you set it on a table in the room. They will also recognize the familiar box.


Supplies for Pizza Box Easel:

  • clean pizza box (Ask for an empty pizza box at your favorite pizza place.)
  • paper such as manila paper, construction paper, or newsprint
  • clothespins

1. Open the pizza box and fold the lid back to create a triangle-shaped easel.

2. Clip paper on the easel. (See photo.)

3. Provide tempera paint and brushes. Washable markers or watercolors can also be used on the easel.

4. Place a pencil nearby for printing names on the paintings.

Teaching Tips:

  • Listen to a child’s comments about the pizza box easel. If he mentions pizza, talk to him about his favorite pizza place. Comment about doing things with his family and friends.
  • Offer guidelines for using the paint and other art supplies.
  • As a child paints, mention a color he uses Ask him to name something God made that is the same color. Say, ‘The Bible says God is good to us.”
  • Encourage a child to put his name on his painting.
  • When you help a child remove his painting from the easel, show him where to put it to dry.

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