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I have gather several pictures of things I like being done in Kid’s Ministry.  I wasn’t sure how to package these ideas to present to you so I’m calling this “Show and Tell”.  I gave captions so maybe it would help you better understand.

Julie Forrest of Little Rock, AR dedicated a wall for these hooks to display and preserve the bulletin board boarders for teachers.  Keeps them from getting crunched up!





Our Weekday Ministry practiced their Fire Drill procedures.  Our Director, Candace Goley (on the left) gave the teachers an A+ for a swift and calm evacuation.  Good Job! (Do you have an evacuation plan?)





We had Wig Night!  Each Month we have a special night to promote and hopefully build attendance.  We follow our same schedule but this night we wore wigs.  It was silly and fun!





On Wednesdays we have been memorizing the books of the Old Testament.  I love these new posters from LifeWay Christian Resources when introducing each division of books.  I took a picture to show you before I take them down and we start learning the New Testament books.





I was so impressed with Mrs. Pybus’s Weekday Pre-K class for their paintings of the Oklahoma Flag!





Autumn nature walks are a must in preschool.  Be sure to display the leaves and discuss them as a group.  God made a beautiful world!





I had the opportunity to buy this so I did.  I could fill it with gumballs but I would rather not.  What do you suggest I do with it?






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