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Try it out with your kiddos!


  • Fluted paper plate 
  • Christmas stickers 
  • Star Stickers 
  • Christmas washi tape 
  • Large crayons 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue dots 
  • 1½-inch lid 


  1. Fold the paper plate in half. Cut along the fold. 
  1. Remove the paper from a large, green crayon.  Rub the side of the crayon to color the plate. 
  1. Fold the plate in half.  Secure with glue dots. 
  1. Place 2 of the star stickers back-to-back on the point of the tree. 
  1. Decorate the tree with Christmas stickers and washi tape. 
  1. Place the lid inside the tree near the bottom.  Sit the tree up and tap the edge to see it rock. 

Get your VBS decorations for 2024 here!

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