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Finding new ways to teach children memory verses can be a challenge.  This game is a winner.  It allows kids to learn a memory verse while playing a fast pace game.  Give it a try!


  • Create:  Six ‘n Fix Scrambled Verse (Example below) or Fill in the Missing Words Puzzle
  • Number cubes
  • Felt-tip marker for each group

Divide into groups of three to six. Ask children to use Six n’ Fix Unscramble handout. Distribute number cubes to the groups. Each player will take turns rolling the cube and trying to roll a six.  If a six is not rolled, the cube passes to the next player.  If a six is rolled, the player picks up the felt-tip marker and begins writing the verse at the top of the paper, unscrambling each word as they go. The remaining players continue trying to roll a six, skipping the player who is writing.

When a new player rolls a six, they “seize” the marker and start unscrambling the verse on their own paper.  The winner is the first player to write the entire verse correctly.


chMai 86: eH ash woedsh uyo, O amn

thaw si odog.  ndA athw dseo het dorL irequer

fo uyo?  oT cat sujytl dba it vole cremy nad ot

lwak mylbuh iwht yruo Gdo.  ahicM 68:


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