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Construction Stage Decorations Bundle


This impressive decorations bundle will fill a stage with a spectacular construction theme with no tracing and no painting. All of the pieces are on large stickers (8’ x 4’) and will easily adhere to construction foam board in only a minute. This large Construction Stage Decorations bundle includes:

  • Mobile Crane with Barricades
  • Cement Truck with Signs, Cones, and Cement Blocks
  • Sky Scraper


Back in stock!  Please allow 5-7 days for delivery.

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The decorations bundle will be easy to stick on and cut out. All your large set pieces will be done in record time. Descriptions of each stage piece with full instructions are listed below with individual pricing. Choose this Construction Stage Decorations as a set and save $64.00.

Mobile Crane

The mobile crane is eight feet wide with add-on arms to extend the crane for 4, 8, 12, or 16 feet. It is on two large four-foot by eight-foot sticker (adhesive back) panels. No painting sets this year! 

Watch this step-by-step video as Mr. Mark shows how you can easily adhere the stickers to large construction foam panels from Lowe’s. Cut out the crane parts with a sharp blade quickly and easily. The crane arms can be joined together using yardsticks or dowel rods taped to the back of each arm for strength. Arrange the arm extensions to make the crane straight or curved to best fit your stage decorations. Extra items like the crane hook, safety cones and barricade parts are included with the mobile crane. It’s simple, stick the panel to the foam board, cut it out and place it on the stage. You’re done!

Mobile Crane Set  $87.00


Barricade Instructions

The striped boards are included in the large sticker panels and should be easily cut out with a sharp blade. One supply item needed; a large sheet of white art foam board from Hobby Lobby (32” x 40”). To make the legs of the barricade, measure and mark four legs that are each eight inches wide and cut out with a sharp blade. Simply stand two legs together and tape along the top to create a hinge. After making the two sets of legs, add the barricade striped cross bars with rolls of Mavalus Tape on the back. These barricades will stand with no problem and no painting. It is truly easy construction. It stores flat. Set it in place and you’re done!

Watch the Barricade Demonstration video


Safety Cones Instructions

These cones are included in the large panels. Cut out the safety cones and tape a triangle flap on the back as a “kickstand.”  Simply lay the triangle flat on the back of the cone slightly above the bottom of the cone. Tape along one side as a hinge. Stand it up and it should lean back slightly which will insure it doesn’t fall forward. You can add another strip of tape on the opposite side of the triangle if desired. The safety cone will fold flat for easy storage. Place the cones around the construction scene to add interest with more three-dimensional layers on your stage.


Cement Truck with Bonus Props

This large colorful prop is perfect for a construction theme. The cement truck is eight feet long and over four feet tall. Simple to stick on a construction foam panel and cut out with a sharp blade. The additional portion on the top can be connected with tape along the back seam. Use a chair to prop up the cement truck one piece of tape will secure it in place. This is a great colorful prop without tracing and painting. This assembles in minutes.

Bonus props include: “stop” sign, “slow” sign, “street closed” sign, two “arrow” signs, large “construction zone” sign, large cement block pile, three individual cement blocks, and two barricade striped bars. Cut out the props using a sharp blade and assemble for stage decorations as follows:

  • Stop/ Slow Sign– Tape a large paint stir stick on the back of the stop sign with Mavalus Tape then use rolls of tape on the back of the slow sign and attach to the back of the stop sign with the paint stir stick sandwiched between. Use the hand-held signs to direct traffic in the halls or direct clapping from the stage for fun. 
  • Street Closed Sign– Decorate around the stage using the orange safety fence available at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Use mic stands as fence posts and secure the fence to the mic stands with Mavalus Tape.  Attach the “Construction Zone” sign & “Street Closed” sign to the fence with tape on the front edge of the stage.
  • Arrow Caution Signs- These signs can be secured to tall mic stands or create sign posts by using PVC pipe in coffee cans or plastic buckets filled with cement then spray-painted gray.  Tip- PVC pipe is inexpensive and sold in 10’ lengths so ask the store to cut it in half and you will have two five-foot sign posts. Cardboard Tubes are available at Mr. Mark’s Classroom
  • Cement Block Pile– This prop looks great as a construction load for the crane to lift. The block pile is about five feet wide and three feet high. Easy to cut out and prop up with a chair and you’re done.  Simple! Add the three separate cement blocks along the front of the pile by taping on a small triangle kickstand to the back of each block and place along the front of the pile to create a more three-dimensional look on your stage. Bungee cords or ropes can be added to the block pile extending up to the crane hook for added interest. 

Watch the Cement Truck Demonstration video.

Cement Truck Set  $87.00


Sturdy Cardboard Tubes

These tubes are 50” long and make great sign posts. Each order comes with two sturdy tubes and should be stored for future uses.

Sturdy Cardboard Tubes (two tubes) $19.97 (Available January 2020)


Sky Scraper Under Construction

The sky scraper building is on two large (8’x 4’) panels with an adhesive back. This colorful and detailed building is super easy to adhere to construction foam panels. Begin with cutting away the small white edge, apply the sticker to the foam board, and stand on the stage. That’s all! You are done! A demonstration video is coming soon.

Option- You can cut out the structure and remove the printed sky to create a more three-dimensional look but this is not necessary. Only for VBS over-achievers!

The surrounding backdrop can be created with simple blue construction foam panels taped together as a blue sky on both sides of the sky scraper building. Add clouds by tearing large sheets of white bulletin board paper and taping it to the blue panels.

Watch the Sky Scraper Demonstration video. 

Sky Scraper  $87.00

Additional information

Weight 8.10 lbs
Dimensions 51 × 4.5 × 4.5 in


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