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Being indoors during the winter months can still be fun with games like this one using this snowman hamper.  It doesn’t take much to create this game and the best part is it folds flat to store easily. 

Speaking of snow…our kids played ice hockey last Sunday with the same “snowballs” but we used swim noodles for the sticks. Using what we had, we just turned a table on its side to represent the goal.


  • White foldable clothes hamper
  • Black and Orange construction paper
  • Tape
  • White socks


Cut small circles out of the black paper to form the mouth and eyes. Cut a carrot nose out of the orange paper.  Open up the hamper and tape the facial pieces to the front. Roll up socks that can be used as snowballs. You will need several. Place tape on the floor to form a line from which the kids can throw collected snowballs.


Ask review questions from the Bible lesson or about Bible books. Reward correct answers with a snowball.  After all of the questions have been answered, allow the kids to shoot their earned snowballs.  The child with the most snowballs to go in the basket wins.

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