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The Big Idea: Decorate the stage as the lobby of the D3 Agency Headquarters.

Supplies Needed: Elevator props, 6’ table with black table cloth, two computer monitor props, clipboard, dark red sheet, metal detector prop and X-Ray machine prop.


  • In the center, locate the elevator doors.
  • The security desk is located to one side of the stage with check-in computers.
  • Security clearance (metal detector and X-Ray machine) on the opposite side of the stage.

Elevator Props

The Big Idea: Create the look of elevator doors and the lobby.

Supplies Needed: Shower curtain (solid color), aluminum tape, Styrofoam rafter baffles (home improvement store) and dark red sheet.


  • Attach the shower curtain with tape to the wall or stage panels.
  • Add aluminum tape across the top edge covering the holes.
  • Add two lines of aluminum tape down the middle with a small gap to make it look like the elevator doors’ edge.
  • Hang the rafter baffle pieces next to the elevator as large decorative pillars framing the elevator.  Other decorative pieces can be added as desired.
  • Create a vintage elevator floor indicator and tape above elevator.
  • Add a dark red sheet on the floor as a special carpet leading to the elevator.

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