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Welcome to Mr. Mark’s Classroom


Over the past two years of offering Top Ten Tips in Childhood Ministry, our readers have increased to over 3000.  The email system we used was unable to provided guaranteed delivery each time.  After exploring some other options, the idea of offering a regular blog post where readers can find the same information seemed to be the best idea.  This new blog is called “Mr. Mark’s Classroom” and I will continue to provide ideas for teaching preschoolers, children, special needs ministry, parents and leadership helps.  You will see the regular posts as well as printable versions that can be used for distributing to your workers each week or at scheduled training meetings.


New things you will find on this website will include: archives from previous posts that you can locate by searching  topic or subject, events and information about childhood ministry provided in Oklahoma and a listing of conferences I am leading and the location in case I am in your area and you would like to attend.


I teach preschool Sunday School and Children’s Bible Drill at my church each week.  So I will be posting some great moments during my class that might be a help or encouragement to you.  My classroom often is filled with childhood ministry leaders, parents and or pastors so I will post some terrific questions and ideas that are shared along the way too.


I’m stoked about this new approach for sharing ideas and experiences and I hope you will join me by posting a comment on the blogs and sharing your ideas too.  Finding time to create or attend conferences seems challenging these days, so join me in our online classroom and we will learn and grow together.


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