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Any experienced teacher knows the value of having an idea you can use in an emergency.  In this podcast I want to give you some of my favorite games with no props.  That’s right!  We need games we can play when there is no time to run and find equipment or paper and other supplies.  I recommend you take this list and other ideas you have and tape them to the inside door of a cabinet for quick reference.  Here is the list I cover in the podcast:

  1. Relay Games- Run, Skip, Hop, Backwards, Singing, Quoting Bible Verse (Ice skating on laminating film is my favorite but you will need to have those stored in an envelope inside your cabinet.)
  2. Long Jump- It’s all about a contest for us boys!
  3. What’s Different- You can play in pairs or as a large group.
  4. Quick Line Up- This is a must for playing before and during a field trip.
  5. Look up/ Look Down- Expect laughter as well as groaning.
  6. Back to Back- Remember, no touching your hands to the floor.
  7. Human Letters- Working in a team is always a good skill to practice.
  8. Clumps- Great for teaching numbers but older kids, college students and adults like this too.
  9. Thumb Wrestling- Oldie but a goodie!
  10. Clean the room with wet wipes- Great way to entertain younger kids and you know the room needs to be wiped down anyway. (Yes, that’s a prop but every classroom should have a box.)

What’s your favorite games?

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