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Preschoolers learn through touching, smelling, tasting, hearing and seeing. This type of teaching makes learning more memorable.


Preschoolers want to explore, discover and ask the question, “Why?” Find ways to facilitate this exploration.


Gaining a sense of accomplishment, the child realizes he is unique and is created in the image of God. Satisfaction affirms the individual’s importance to God.


Playing and learning are inseparable in the lives of preschoolers. Play is just activity unless the teacher is guiding the activity and discussion toward foundational biblical truths.


“Hands-on” learning allows the child personal involvement in an activity that leads the child to a greater understanding of the biblical truth.


This forms eternal connections between the child and the biblical truth. The teacher’s relationship with the preschooler represents God, His Word, and His power, as you relate to the preschooler.


Hearing the stories again allows preschoolers to gain more knowledge and build on previous foundational truths taught. As the child grows, so does her knowledge and understanding.


Preschoolers follow the lead of the adults in their lives. Preschoolers learn to follow Christ’s example by following paths adults choose.

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