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  • Clear plastic container (an empty peanut butter jar would would great!) 
  • Wiggly eyes 
  • One orange pompom for nose, several black or brown pom pom for mouth 
  • Glue gun 
  • Cotton balls  
  • Small tongs (make sure they’re easy to bend so little fingers can use them)   


Decorate the clear plastic container with eyes, nose and mouth like a snowman, using the eyes, pompoms and glue gun.  You’re done! 


This is great to help two and three-year-olds with their fine motor skills. Show them how to pinch the tongs. Pick up a cotton ball and feed the snowman. Fill him up with snowballs. Dump it and feed him again! 


This could be used in a Sunday School classroom along with review questions. When the child answers the Bible question, he gets to feed the snowman. 


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