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  • Gather:
    • White construction paper or cardstock
    • Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple construction paper
    • Markers
    • Liquid glue
    • Shaving cream

Prepare: Cut out a cloud shape out of white construction paper or cardstock. Cut 8.5”X1.5” strips of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple construction paper. Mix 1 cup glue and 1 cup shaving cream to make puffy paint for the cloud. (optional)

  • Teach:
    1. Discuss what an adjective is or describing words.
    2. Decide if you want the students to describe God or if you want them to start with describing themselves.
    3. Make a list of describing words on a whiteboard or large piece of paper.
    4. Give each student a cloud shape. If they are describing God, write “God” on the cloud. If they are describing themselves, write their names on the cloud.
    5. Give each student a strip of each color of the rainbow.
    6. Have students write one adjective or describing word on each strip of paper. (loving, helpful, etc.)
    7. Glue the strips on the back of the cloud so that they hang down from the cloud.
    8. Optional: Paint the cloud with the puffy paint around the name.
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