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I am often asked for ideas when churches are painting and decorating classrooms and children’s hallways.  I hope this will help.  The first theme addition to our new classroom decorations is Underwater World.  This is a great theme that both girls and boys will like and it is kid friendly without being babyish.


These large vinyl panels range from 4’ x 6’ to 4’x 8’ and they are self-adhesive for easier installation.  I have tested it on sheetrock walls as well as block walls and the visuals stay in place without curling.  I have a few easy tips you will want to know before you apply them to the wall.

Watch this video as I show you how to apply the visuals directly to the wall.

PROPS– The visuals also make great props for any theme related activity (VBS, camp, retreats, banquets, etc.) you want to host.  I found it super easy to apply the full panel to a 4’ x 8’ sheet of cardboard (purchased at the local box store).


After applying the visual panel, I used a craft knife or utility knife to cut out the individual pieces.  I hung each piece with open paper clips (2 clips on the back of the visual piece and 2 clips on the ceiling) and fishing line.

Watch this video as I show you how to apply the visuals to cardboard sheets.


Submarine with Fish (single panel ONLY)   $79.97

Underwater Bundle (Sub, Sea Turtle, Diver & Fish- 3 Panels) $147.97

Buy the bundle to decorate several classrooms TODAY!







Unwrapped Conference August 5-

Kid’s Min 411 (Free Conference) April 11-

Great New Game I Found- Spikeball

I was speaking at the Preteen Invasion in Louisiana and learned this great game.  It is called Spikeball.  Basically there is a simple little net like a trampoline in the center and the opponents, or team, work together to bounce the ball on the net.  It is like indoor volleyball, but smaller.  It was fun to hit the ball up in order to pass it to your team before returning it to the net.  You play until someone scores 21 points.  I wrote out the Spikeball rules for you to read.  Look for it on Amazon.


Spike Ball- How to Play

Serving: Team A begins by hitting the ball off the net towards Team B.  Team B has up to three hits between them before returning the ball to the net.  It is not required to use all three hits to return the ball to the net.

This process continues back and forth between the teams, as a volley, until one team cannot return the ball to the net with three hits.  First team with the score of 21 is the winner.

Teams may only score when serving the ball.

Once the game has begun, teammates must alternate between serves (after each change of team serve).

Once the ball has been served, there are no “sides” and teammates may run anywhere at any time.


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