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We are all moving closer to Vacation Bible School.  I have five weeks left and I’m feeling a little pressure to secure workers in the few open positions we have left.  Are you working hard to find teachers too?  Don’t forget to create advertising, newspaper & newsletter articles and announcement skits.  Pass out signs for members to place in their yards so the word can get out.  Ask the deacons to serve on your follow-up team to make visits for your guests and kiddos making decisions for Christ. 

I wanted to share this cute decorating idea that was sent to me.  I love ideas that are easy and less fuss so this idea is a winner.  Make a roller coaster car with a fold-up laundry hamper.  Genius!- Good Job Beverly!   

What ideas do you have?


“I found this pop-up laundry hamper at the Dollar Tree for $1. The bottom of the hamper is the front of your coaster car. The back of your car will be open. Cut out an area in 2 opposite side panels of the hamper, but do not cut away all of the netting. It provides stability for your car. These will be the top and bottom of your car and will be the area for the child to fit into. One poster board will be enough for both side panels of the car. I laid the hamper on the poster board and drew around the wire frame of one side and cut that out. Then I drew a car and cut out an indented area in the oblong pattern. I punched out 2 inch circles for the wheels with a paper punch and added paper punch daisies for the hub caps and for car decorations. The poster board is simply clipped on to the wire frame with clip type paper clips. Add a 2 foot long strong cord to each side panel of the car. Adjust to the child. If you use acrylic cord, you can melt the ends with a match to prevent fraying of the cord. BE CAREFUL. It is very hot for a few minutes. The hamper folds for easy storage.” -Beverly Jennings

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