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Maybe you are like me and provided a VBS experience at home or something different than usual due to the social restrictions. We have ordered everything we need for this year and are storing it for next year. We love this theme and we want to use it. But here’s a twist, we are expected to budget less for VBS next year. So, we are planning ahead. 

Do you need to order any curriculum items or packs now since they will not be available next year? You need to plan ahead! Mr. Mark’s Classroom will still make the cranes and cement truck decorations available next year, but will your budget be reduced?  We are currently still sending the decoration bundles and large cranes this year if you need to order them and store them with your materials. You will definitely have more time to create the stage set you want. Take a look at what’s available. We also hope to provide decoration options for the new theme by December so you can still get them in the 2020 budget if you are planning to use the new curriculum. 

Click here to see our construction decorations.

I created props for all church sizes. Be sure to see the photos below of my church from when I set everything up. It looks so great! 

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