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Evacuation route map is posted by the door of each room in the event of tornado, fire, or other emergency.

Leaders are familiar with the evacuation routes for their room.

Leaders are familiar with the locations of fire alarms and fire extinguishers.

A plan to get all the children out safely and quickly is in place.

Parents are aware of the designated area in which to pick up preschoolers and older children in the event of an emergency situation.

Tornado and fire drills held at least once a year.

Emergency lighting is in place and tested each month.

Fire alarm is operational.

Phone numbers for emergency services are located near phones.

Leaders know the location of the first-aid kits.

First Aid kits are stocked and a list of supplies are listed on the outside of the container.

Two–three adults are trained in CPR and Pediatric CPR and a list of these leaders is located in each room.

Each child’s family has completed an information form with emergency numbers.

Phones are located in strategic locations in the preschool and children’s area in the church.

Emergency response team has been enlisted and are on site when children are at church. Team can consist of trained personnel in first aid, a nurse, or doctor.

If you feel unsure about whether or not you are prepared for an emergency or disaster, call your local Red Cross, fire department, or emergency management agency for help.

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