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I Like to—MOVE IT!

I Like to—MOVE IT!

By Shayla Hale “I wish she would just sit still for five minutes!”  “If he could only stop moving long enough to listen!”  Have you ever said something like this about the wiggly, fidget of a kid in your class? Children learn in a variety of ways.  Most children have...

Where’s Mr. Mark’s Classroom?

To all of our loyal audience and customers, Mr. Mark’s Classroom website and email has experienced a few setbacks over the last two weeks. We have not had access to email communication, and the website has been down intermittently. We are hard at work addressing...

Children and Divorce

Daddy Doesn’t Live Here Anymore Writer: LifeWay Christian Resources How You Can Minister to Children, Parents of Divorce?               Once upon time, the church was thought of as a perfect institution, never touched by the crises of the world. In recent years,...

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