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Team Covenant


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Negative Effects of Grouping Sixth Graders with Older Students

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Making Good Byes Easier

Branches for Palm Sunday

AWA VBS Decorations: The Hanger

VBS Decorations 2012: Paracutin & Matterhorn

VBS Decorations 2012: Northern Lights & Grand Canyon

VBS Decorations 2012: The Great Barrier Reef

VBS Decorations 2012: Victoria Falls

VBS Decorations 2012: Promotion and Tips & Tricks

Difficulty With VBS Decorations? Problem Solved!

Crib Update

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Community Question: Tardy Parents

Parenting Resources

Truth is Caught More Than Taught

Spring Puzzle for Drip Pan

Community Questions: Building Relationships With Kids

Heart Of the Child Conference

How Parents Get Robbed

Spring Play Dough Tipsheet

You are Making a Difference!

Spring Activity for Giant Game Floor Mat

Podcast: Millennial Parents with Allison Kizzia

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Discipline and Forgiveness

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Help! My Church Promotes Before September

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Medical Crib Update

Bible Drill Bibles: Bulk Rate


Sex Offenders and the Church

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Top 5 Simple Steps to Sharing a Classroom

Escape24: Father/Son & Father/Daughter Weekends

Summer Activity for Giant Game Floor Mat

Back to School Party Ideas for Kids

Storytelling Tips

Teaching a Multi-Age Classroom

Scripture Memory Game: Six n’ Fix

Practical Suggestions for Classroom Management

Creating a Learning Environment for Babies, Ones, and Twos

Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?

Why Choices Are Important for Preschoolers

Recruiting Teachers

Successful Arrivals

Blocks in a Bag

Box-Top Book

The Ministry of Playdough

How Can I Explain the Cooperative Program

Head’s Up! I’ve Moved!

Retaining Kids in Sunday School

Fall Bean Bags

Woven Bible Verse Mat


Teaching Through Relationships

Fall Postcards

Connecting with Kids

Tip Sheet for Leaf Prints

When Teachers Don’t Attend Worship

Squeeze Bottle Painting

Traveling with Kids

7 Fun Christmas Projects for Kids

Train Up A Child

Candy Cane Play Dough

Avoid Going Viral


Simple Steps to Enlisting Leaders

Collage Art

Bible Teaching Checklist

Top 5 Simple Steps to Sharing a Classroom

Activities for Plastic Mats

Fun on the Run: 7 Ways to Take Back Your Schedule This Year

Foam Puzzles

VBS Idea Week is Here!

Coaster Alley

Cotton Candy Diner

Global Expo

Scissors & Stuff

Tune Town

Adrenaline Zone

Teaching Children? Remember This!

Derby Dash and Devotional, Royal Ambassadors

Podcast: You Talk Too Much… Seriously

Art Postcards

Winter Blahs, To-Do List

Podcast: Doing the Ministry Alone

How Many Times?

Speaking to an Audience of Kids

Podcast: Working with Today’s Parents

Stand-Up Figures

Preparing for Children with Special Needs

Podcast: How to Enlist Workers

Choices in Art

Ten Commandements in Motion

Podcast: How to Retain Workers

Take-Home Play Dough

Children and Grief

Podcast: Give Me a Simple Way to Share the Gospel with Kids

Drip Pan Activities

Ideas for Easter

Family Devotions for Easter

Podcast: Holiday Outreach

Easter Cookies

Bible Skills Indoor Obstacle Course

Podcast: Eleven Steps to a Successful Kid’s Ministry

Bible Game

Doing the Ministry Alone

Podcast: The Potholes on the Children’s Ministry Highway

What To Do?

Helping Kids Listen in Big Church

Podcast: The ABCs of Getting the Word Out

Scrabble Crackers

Should Sixth Grade Be In Youth?

Podcast: Greeter Ministry, First Impressions of Your Kid’s Ministry


Mother’s Day Ideas

Podcast: Interview with Shawn and Amber Crawley, Champion Family Ministry

Daffodils and Play Dough

Training Youth to Teach in VBS

Podcast: Six Tips for Teachers and Team Leaders (Division Directors)

Wednesday Night Summer Ideas

Mother’s Day Visit

Bookmarks for Mothers

Podcast: You Teach… When You Aren’t Teaching

Drip Pan Game for Mother’s Day

Children and Salvation

Podcast: Interview with Holly Sapp, Counseling Kids

I Wish I Could Explain Salvation to My Kids

15 Things Your Preteen Wants to Tell You

Podcast: Preschool Discipline with No Time-Out

I Know Who A Child Is…

Another Great VBS Idea!

VBS Snack Ideas

Main Gate

Colossal Preschool Decorating Ideas

Father’s Day Game

Dad’s Day Plan

Banner for Father’s Day

Becoming Christ Focused during VBS Craziness

VBS Day 2 Devotion, Dare to Speak Up

VBS Day 3 Devotion, Dare to Believe

2013 Reader Survey

VBS Day 4 Devotion, Dare to Stand Strong

VBS Day 5 Devotion, Dare to Trust

How Welcoming is Our Children’s Ministry?

Podcast: Help with Separation Anxiety

Vegetable Word Game

Helping Children Cope with Trauma

Manipulating Teachers with Tears

Patriotic Game

Bible Book Activities

Hidden Books

Podcast: Interview with Allison Kizzia, Bringing the Bible to Life

Bible Story Props

Kindergarten vs. First Grade, When to Transition?

Our kid’s ministry has nine. What do I do?

Partnering with Parents

Podcast: What About Today’s Parents?

Sun Crayons


Contact 1-2-3

Podcast: Truths from VBS

Numbers and Words on Blocks

Developing Potential Leaders Starts with You

Podcast: Retaining Leaders for the Fall Kick-Off

5 Questions Every Leader Needs to Ask Themselves

Creating a Vision to Minister to Children

Guidelines for a Vision to Minister to Children

Guidelines for Leading the Vision of Childhood Ministry

Sunday Nights

Bible Skills Game

ABC/XYZ Snack Mix

Extended Teaching Care Saga Continues

Podcast: Teaching a Class of Boys

Nature Jar

Partnering with Your Pastor

Podcast: Teaching a Class of Girls

Scented Paint

New Book Coming Soon!

Sunday Morning Survivor

Giant Drip Pan

Podcast: Yea! Summer is Over!

Enlisting Workers Makes Me Crazy!

Getting Babies into Sunday School and ETC

Podcast: Orphan Care Ministry, Interview with Alyson Walker

Bible Skills with Tiles

Cricket Purgatory

Room Specification Suggestions

Podcast: 10 Rescue Games for Teachers

Game Show Bible Skills

Jesus, I Need a Pill!

Enlisting Men to Teach Kids

Space-Saving Map Idea

Podcast: Six Things Parents Look for in Your Church

When a Child Dies…

Sweet Sleep Ministry in Action

Notes to Parents: Fall

Podcast: 12 Tips for Rookie Teachers

iPhone– Addiction?

Positive Publicity Idea Bank

Podcast: Visiting Families in Crisis

Fall Activity for the Blocks Center

Teacher Creativity (Conference Outline)

Light the Night- Halloween Outreach Project

Recipes for Fall

Halloween Alternatives

Podcast: First Grade Bible Presentation

Patterning with Game Mat

Thanksgiving Ideas

Update from Sleep Sweet

Hooray for Ministry Interns!

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Crayon Concentration

Podcast: Connecting Church + Home

Flat Lottie Moon Travels Asia

Why Don’t People Teach?

Dry Erase Activities

Podcast: Christmas Ideas

Advent Wreath

Teaching Preschoolers the Christmas Story

Podcast: 10 Christmas Activities for the Classroom

How to Teach Children the Christmas Story

Candy Cane Relay

Christmas Gift Bag Game

Wrapped Pictures Christmas Gift

Christmas Rebus for Game Mat

Christmas Candy Guess

Photo Ornament

Tile Letters Verse

Tinsel Game

Christmas Tree Top Game

Podcast: These Two Weeks

These Two Weeks– Day 1

These Two Weeks– Day 2

New Storybook Is Coming!

These Two Weeks– Day 3

These Two Weeks– Day 4

These Two Weeks– Day 5

Kids with Sadness During Christmas

Pinewood Derby Devotionals

Bible Reading with Kids in Mind

Understanding Today’s Preschoolers, with a FREE e-book!


Podcast: 3 Steps for Goal Setting in 2014

Wednesday Night is “Out of Control”

Understanding Today’s Children with a FREE e-book!

Snow Ice Cream!

VBS 2014: Vault Door

VBS 2014: Vault Table

VBS 2014: Bookcases

Podcast: VBS Tips and Secrets

VBS 2014: X-Ray Machine

VBS 2014: Metal Detector

Podcast: VBS 2014- What’s in Agency D3?

VBS 2014: Trusses

VBS 2014: Clear Overhead Invention

VBS 2014: The Craft Lab

VBS 2014: Large Faux Television in the Communication Hub

VBS 2014: Missions Map Room

VBS 2014: Row of Television Monitors in Communication Hub

VBS 2014: Laser Map GPS Ball

VBS 2014: Break Room Table

VBS 2014: Computer Monitors in the Communication Hub

VBS 2014: Communication Hub

Podcast: Decorating for VBS 2014

Valentine Bingo

Tissue Paper Valentine Cards

Podcast: Great Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Children’s Ministry Day

Valentine Arrow Pencils

Congratulations to our Winners of VBS Materials!

Podcast: Interview with Christine Yount Jones, Editor of Children’s Ministry Magazine

Winter Games: Snowballs

Winter Art: Snow Painting

Podcast: Interview with David Anderson, Louisiana Baptist Childhood Ministry Strategist

Teaching a Child with Autism Successfully

Bible Book Chain

Things I Wish I’d Known from the Beginning

VBS Video Announcement!

Time Change is Sunday, March 9… “What Does The Clock Say?”

Bible Stories for Game Mat

Guide To Being Miserable in Kid’s Ministry

VBS Decorations from Mr. Mark’s Classroom Community!

Bible Story Props

Podcast: 12 Tips for Counseling Children

VBS Decorations from the Mr. Mark’s Classroom Community!

Magnetic Letters Bible Skill Game

Pizza Box Easel

Classroom Spinner for Review Game

Podcast: Bible Studies for Life


Sorting NT Letters Bible Skill Game

Play Dough Board

Books You Recommend?

Podcast: Helping Children Develop Bible Skills

VBS Ideas from the Mr. Mark’s Classroom Community!

The Idea Hoarder

A Few of My Favorite Things

Podcast: Kid’s Ministry Idea Notebook

Miss Ida Hoarder here…

Guidelines for Extended Teaching Care

Spring Learning Center

Involve Kids in Leading Worship

Skit n’ Miss was a hit at Heart of the Child

Spring Time Cheer with Id’a Hoarder

Stained Glass Cross Craft

Puzzles and Bags Activity

Podcast: Why is Explaining Salvation to Kids Difficult?

Weather Art for Preschool

Ida’ Hoarder Checks In…

Learning in the Blocks Center

Pizza Pan Puzzle

Podcast: Ministering to Families

How to Start a Weekday Early Education Ministry

Ida’ Hoarder has a new one… Idea that is!

Mother’s Day Cards

Podcast: A Quieter Classroom

Quick and Easy Bath Salts

Id’a Hoarder here, comin’ at ya live and in person…

Keep this on file!

Mother’s Day Gift-Wrapped Pictures

Podcast: Involve Kids in Missions with Sweet Sleep

Teacher Appreciation

Spring Beanbags

Hidden Items in Jar

OH baby oh baby oh baby—what a weekend!!

Podcast: As a Minister, I should have been more helpful…

More VBS Ideas from Mr. Mark’s Classroom Community!

Hoop there it is!!! Oh my gravy!

Transportation Procedure

Are You Prepared?

Father’s Day… Special Pricing!!

Block Play

Children’s Ministry Teacher Responsibilities

More VBS Ideas from Mr. Mark’s Classroom Community!

Vehicle Requirements

Happy, happy, happy! Wasn’t the three day weekend soooo glorious?

Clean Up Time

Giant Game Floor Mat

Podcast: Classroom Makeover Ideas


Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

What Do You Do for VBS Family Night?

Sidewalk Chalk

Podcast: How to Add Stress to Your Life

VBS Headquarters Worship Rally

SSHHHHHH! It’s a secret…

Father’s Day Ideas

Father’s Day Cards

Father’s Day Activity: Water for Dad

Podcast: Tips On Discipline with Kids

VBS Evidence Vault

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus…

VBS 2014: Lab Table & More

1 Mat / 2 Concentration Games

Podcast: Tips on Leading a Discussion

VBS Funnies

It’s Playdough time!!!

Messy Game Ideas for Summer

Tracing Words in Sand

Podcast: Children’s Worker Guide to Parent’s Ministry

“Fed-Up” Teachers can be Funny

Shake, Rattle, ‘n Roll…

Free Samples and Redesigned Pages

The Idea Hoarder, Holiday Edition

Podcast: Time Management Tips for Children’s Workers

Oops…did I do that?

New Bible Skills Game

Podcast: Creating and Sharing Your Vision

Family Devotion Night

The Wheels on the Bus go round ‘n round

How to Start a Special Education Ministry by Lifeway Staff

Home Cleaning Activity by Joanne Moran


Family Devotion Night


Teacher Interview Form

Writing Notes to Parents

Podcast: Simple Steps to Enlisting Leaders

Mission Activities from The Idea Hoarder


Tips for Choosing the Right Curriculum

Water Drop Painting

Podcast: What is children’s Sunday School all about?

Oklahoma’s Will Rogers

The cold never bothered me anyway…

Tabletop Easel: 3 Choices

Podcast: How to Really Love the Kids You Wish Wouldn’t Show Up!

Jumpin’ Jambalaya!

Beyond the Classroom with Children

Art Choices at the Easel


Bible Skills Indoor Obstacle Course

Farmers’ Market

Summer Got You Down?

Citrus Play Dough

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, guh-zoonhite!!

Playground Surfaces

Tic Tac Toe Game for Game Mat

Shaping a Child’s Life

Dime Toss Game

Painting with Ice

Indoor Horse Shoe Game

Unleavened Bread

Agency D3 Secret Assignments

The Great Backpack Stack

Pray for Mr. Mark

Concentration Compliation

Amazing Magnetic Maze

ABCs for Teachers

Tent Fun in Blocks

Float My Boat

Preschool Footprint Designs

Circle Me

Jars of Thankfulness

Crossing the Red Sea 3D

Splash ‘n’ Grab

Nature Sorting Leaves and Rocks

Playdough Recipes

Family Devotional

Hebrew Writing

Writing on Playdough

Bible Times Vest

Carved In Stone

When I Grow Up Collage

Podcast: Woes of Enlisting Workers

People Montage Art

The Bible in The Bible

School Supplies

Family Devotion Night

Making Megaphones

Pass the Word Relay

Preacher for the Day

Honey Bee Tear Off Reminder

“Be Wise” Reminders

October Specials!

Paper People Chain Memory Verse

Nature Collage


Photos in a Bottle

Wheel of Fortune Puzzle

Helping a Child Understand Baptism

Lotta Words

Creating Paper Rocks

Breathsaver Prayer Sayer

Basket Stitching

Ideas Gone Wild, Holiday Edition

Fall Family Yard Sign

Podcast: How to Make Kids’ Space Look Terrific

Bible Characters Concentration Game

Volley Prayer Ball!

Smallest to Biggest


Coat of Many Colors Bookmark

Coupons for Parents

Fall Mystery Box

Fall Scavenger Hunt

Fall Marble Painting

Trick or Treat: How Do You Respond to Halloween?

Twelve Tribes of Israel Go Fish

Caring for Animals

Blocks in a Bag

Family Devotion Night


Cleaning Our Room

Signet Rings

Musical instruments

Seasonal and Holiday Ideas

Podcast: Marketing Your Ministry


Matching Photos

Moving Dream Scene

I Dream of Memory Versus

Watch Out Dentist Lady!

Make a Fruit and Vegetable Graph

Great Game Idea!

Read a Bedtime Story to a Doll

Pack a Shoebox for Operation Christmas Child

Who Wins in a Fight?

Spelling Bible Words

Egg Carton “I thank God” Game

Grain Pictures

We are Fully Staffed (for now)

If Only I Could See

Spread the Word! -Free Book

Make Colored Toast

Make a Bible Story Accordion Book

Chemo Care Kit

Podcast: Here’s Some Great Advice

Nature Plates

Thankful Turkey Craft Center Piece

Gourmet Oatmeal Gifts

Rice, Rice, Baby!

New App for Mr. Mark’s Classroom

Write in the Sand

Creating New Classes

Build a City

Falling Leaves Bible Verse

Come Get Your Lovin’ Sale?

November Newsletter from Mr. Mark!

Names of Friends Game

Cheer Packages

Great Game Idea!

Make a Card for a Family Member

Playing a Tossing Game

Wash Dishes

Faux Stained Glass Leaf

Some Things Just Don’t Make Sense

Fall Leaf Print Bible Markers

What’s New?

Preschool Ideas!

Pray for a Missionary in North America

How Welcoming Is Your Children’s Ministry?

Wrist Bells/Indoor Caroling

What About Nancy?

How to Answer a Child When She Asks, “Is Santa Real?”

Deck the Halls

Using Resource Materials

Seed Ornaments

Angel Centerpiece

Singing Angel Messages

Marry Mary Relay

Christmas Light THANK YOU Tour

I Got This Interesting Question

Story Starter Story Box

Twelve Days of Christmas: An Advent of Family Devotions and Acts of Kindness

Names of Jesus Garland

Christmas Cards: Lacing/Puzzles

Snowball launch—True or False

String of Snowballs

Decorate The Classroom

Baby Book Show and Tell

Jingle Bell String Along

Manger Announcements

Sock It to Lottie

Merry Christmas to all my Kid’s Ministry Friends!

Shopping for Siblings…Oh, the joy!

Birthday Cake for Breakfast…Yes please!

Christmas Story in a Barn

Find Manger Scene Figures

Christmas Manger Project

Epsom Salt Snowflake Painting

Extreme Giftwrapping

Oh Christmas Tree

Tic Tac Tic Tac Toe

Initial Ornaments

Podcast: Things That Don’t Make Sense to Me

Christmas Object Concentration

Christmas Gift-Wrapped Books

Here We Come A-Skype-Caroling

Merry Christmas from Mr. Mark!

“I Spy” the Reason for the Season Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

Easy Risers

VBS 2015 Shady Grove

VBS 2015 Survival Canteen

Books of the Bible Hopscotch (New Testament)

Funny Things Happened Christmas Eve

Spreading Colors Craft

Yummy or Yucky?

Tell Me a Sentence Story

Clothing Collage

You Talk Too Much… Seriously

VBS 2015 Tangled Treehouse

VBS 2015 Build The Treehouse

VBS 2015 Rushing Waters Music

Don’t Judge Me!

VBS Preview was AWESOME!

Snowman Nameplate

Snowman Garland

Cute As A Button

Lost Coin Bible Verse Scramble

Sheep Reminder Rocks

Find the lost sheep and the lost coin

Sharpen Conference 2015

VBS 2015 Boulder Bridge

VBS 2015 Large Compass

VBS 2015 Large Stand-Up Trail Map

Puzzles About Jesus

Make a Torch!

January Newsletter

Following Directions

Parachute Run




Podcast: You Teach… When You Aren’t Teaching!

VBS 2015 Foliage Banners and Vines

VBS 2015 Large Scale Trees

VBS 2015 Rappelling Ravine

Spelling Jesus’ Name

New Cubby Shelves Save the Day

Gleaning the Wheat r=Relay

Friendship Bracelet

Grow a crop

Enlisting VBS Workers

Common Barriers in Kid’s Ministry

VBS 2015 Treehouse Rope Ladder

VBS 2015 Boulder Bridge Missions

VBS 2015 Large Carnation or Peony

Bible Scrolls

Make a Wig—Play a Game

Rope Relay

Strong Man Relay

Reconsider Asking Me to Officiate Your Wedding

Sunday Morning Snow Day Rescue Kit

Podcast: Six Things Parents Look for in Your Church

VBS 2015: Sunset Backdrop- Boulder Bridge

Seasonal Books

Homeroom: Spiritually Mentoring Kids @ Home

Think Pink for Valentine’s Day

“Stick Together” Race

Shoebox Diorama

Build a Card Tower

Cute as a Button

Monster Valentine Box

Mission Ideas

VBS 2015: Foam Tree Slices or Stepping Stones:

VBS 2015: Water Wheel

VBS 2015: Rope Bridge

The Ministry of Play Dough

Homeroom: Spiritually Mentoring Kids @ Home

The Impact of Sin (Gospel Presentation)

Play “Would You Rather?”

Time To Teach Again

Podcast: Why Teachers Avoid Discipline

VBS 2015: Large Scale Daffodils

VBS 2015: Oversized Flower

VBS 2015: Jungle Painted Sheets

Signs for Block Activities

Building Indoor Snowman!

New Conference from Mr. Mark!

Jelly Bean Cross

Criss-Cross Collage

Do People Rub You Wrong?

Books: “I Can Read Signs”

Parenting Is A Choice

Space-Saving Map Idea

Spell It!

Share the Joy! Working with a Ministry Team

Words in a Bottle

Fruit Basket Turnover

3 Weeks and Limited Spots Available!

Home-made Fruit Baskets

Missions: Families remember the elderly in their church

Leading Volunteers

More Favorite Things!

Children’s Sermons and Worship

Thank You God for Spring!

Making Boo-Boo Bunnies (or Chicks!)

Classroom Management for Preschoolers

Sold Out!

March Madness: Mad Bible Skills Tournament

Muffin Tin Color Matching

Resurrection Rolls

Could Your Kid’s Ministry Go Global?

Check out our VBS Treehouse Decoration!

God is GREAT!

Easter Lilly

Fishing for Bible Thoughts

12 Tips for Rookie Teachers

The Christian’s Armor

When Routines turn into “Rut”ines

Glossy Paint

Personal “Dry Erase” Board

VBS Decoration Videos Now Available!

VBS Decoration Video… The Cave

Kid’s Min 411

Easy Tape Resist Art

Reference Reminders

Enlisting Workers for Vacation Bible School

VBS Decoration Video… Shady Grove

A great children’s ministry app for 2015 has arrived!

From Mr. Mark to You!

Lacing Cards

AFTER Easter Eggs

How Do You Get Parents to Read the Bible with Their Kids?

VBS Decoration Video… Rushing Water

5 Tips for Mixed-Age Bible Study

Ever Wondered What Mr. Mark’s Resource Room Looks Like?

Time Runs Out Today!

Thinking of You

Lightning Bugs and Dragonflies

Colorful Worms

VBC Decoration Video… The Missions Stop

This Really Happened!

Bee Hive

Mom’s Clipboard

VBS Decoration’s Final Sale May 15

Here are couple of VBS Ideas for the Fellowship Hall and the Stage

Spring Art Activities

What about cameras in the Classrooms?


End of the School Year Thank You Cup!

VBS Decorations Final Sale Tomorrow- May 15

VBS 2015 Idea

Spring Manipulative Activities

Tornado Damage!!

Happy Frogs

Let Your Light Shine!

Speak as a Child

Visitor Bags

Spring Play Dough Activities

Verse Vacuum

Should I Switch Curriculum?


Under The Sea Creatures

ATeacher’s Smartphone Ideas

Honor Your Father

Super Fun Night

Text Message

Father’s Day

We’re Going on a Trip!

Communicating with Parents

Does Your Child Love God’s Word?

Giant Game Cube: Bible Skills

Out the Door to Camp!

Postcards for Mailing

Mavalus Tape

Boys and Girls Learn Differently

Milk Jug Toss

Will You Help Me Decide?

Sun Ray Catcher

Liberty Crown

Help! I am new to kid’s ministry!

Get Your Camera Ready!

10 Rescue Games for Teachers

Arguing Crosses The Line Into Dishonor

Chunky Stacking Puzzles

VBS Was Awesome!

An Apple for the Teacher

Sun Ray Catcher

Things I Wish I’d Known from the Beginning

Back Pack Tags


Pipe Dream

Mr. Mark’s One Day Workshop

Hospital Goodie Bags for Children

Christmas in August

MISSIONS: A Penny for your thoughts…

Audio Training Series For Childhood Ministry

You’re Own Mailbox!

Penny Rubbings

Penny Wars and Other Fun Games!

How Do I Get Kids in Our Empty Kids’ Ministry

Crazy Question Can!

Bible Skills Cubes

Balloon Bat

Bible Books Hop Mats

Equipping Kids with Bible Skills

Mission Activity Idea for Children’s Ministry

Sunday School Promotion Day Chaos!

International Mission Trip with Kids

New Testament Game!

How Welcoming Is Your Children’s Ministry?

KIDS CRAFT: “Jesus Paid It All” Penny Cross

Podcast Interview with Jim Wideman

Object Lesson: A Penny for your thoughts…

Top Five Simple Steps to Sharing a Classroom

Fun Spider Facts Craft

Oh! Turkey Feathers

Don’t Settle For Obedience Without Honor

ABC-123 Preschool Hop Mat

Fall Leaf Fun

Trick or Treat Outreach

Podcast: Talk Now and Later- Interview with Brian Dollar

6-Verse Cube Review

Autumn Leaves Globe

Podcast: Parenting Unchained, Interview with Dr. Jim Dempsey

Fun New T-Shirts from Mr. Mark!

Trick or Treat Outreach and Follow-up Fun Ideas

I-Sai-Ah 6:8…who do we appreciate? Our Pastor of course!

When Lice is Discovered in your Children’s Ministry

Family Dinner Cards

Nature Walk Art

Thankful Treats for College Students

Four Kids and Now Expecting

A Next Generation Perspective

Plastic Egg Bird Feeder

Turkey Shoot

Advent Calendar

Thank You God for Fall—Creating Real Fall Trees

Common Barriers in Kid’s Ministry

Happy Fall Neighbor!

Bible Skill Games are Here!

Introducing Bucket Ball, A New Bible Skill Game!

Christmas Countdown

Announcing New Classroom Decorations!

Twirling Christmas Tree

Magnetic Verse Match

Christmas In The Classroom

Decorate-Me Christmas Tree

“BEAR” Change for Missions


Something You Read!

Festive Wall Art

Breakfast In Bed

Team Scrabble

Seven Great Questions For Church Leaders

Christmas Tree Counting

Teaching Children to Pray—A Teaching Tool

Make Christ the Center of Your Teaching at Christmas Time

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Snowball Hockey

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Marble Run Downhill Skiing

Random Ideas in Kid’s Ministry

VBS Sea Scene

Sunday Morning Snow Day Rescue Kit

VBS Balloon Octopus

VBS Colored Pipe Coral

VBS Coral

VBS Large Rocks

VBS Seaweed

VBS Small Rocks

VBS Twisted Seaweed

VBS Jelly Fish

VBS 2016 is Here!

Ping Pong Snowman

Books of the Bible Igloo

VBS 2016 Vertical Tubes

VBS 2016 Submarine Walls

VBS 2016 Submarine Helm

VBS 2016 Submarine Dashboard

VBS 2016 Periscope

VBS 2016 Island Map Table

VBS 2016 Horizontal Table Tubes

Looking for More VBS 2016 Ideas?

Podcast: Are Your Sheep Okay?

Snowshoe Trek


VBS 2016 Seaweed and Coral

VBS 2016 Brain Coral

VBS 2016 3-D Seaweed

VBS 2016 Fish Bubbles

VBS 2016 Sea Scene 2

More VBS ideas!

Podcast: Six Ways To Strain Relationship With Your Child

THAT’S AMORE’ (Meal and Food Drive)

Snow Globe

VBS 2016 Starfish

VBS 2016 Observation Deck

Last Week of VBS Ideas…

Podcast: The Preteen Truth Hunt

Pencil Toppers

Wednesday Confessions: I’m a Gagging Daddy with Diaper Changing

Sweetheart Shakes

Changing Flowers

Valentine, You’re Cute as a Button

Podcast: 10 Awesome Tips for Church Greeters

6-Verse Cube

Sign Up for Mr. Mark’s Classroom by Text

Keeping Rugs and Babies Clean

Confession Wednesday: I Made Substitute Teachers Crazy

Podcast: Multiple Intelligence and Children

Magnet Play in a Bottle

Prayer Banner

Snowflake Windows

Confession Wednesday: No Separation Anxiety with the Jones’ Kids

The Softest and Hardest Parenting Verse in Scripture

Bible Skills Spool Game

Catapult It!

Wednesday Confessions: I Love Books in Preschool Classrooms

Podcast: Learning Styles – Making the Most of Them

Build the Flower- Bible Verse Game

Where’s Mr. Mark’s Classroom?

Palm Leaf Craft

Announcing Giant VBS Decorations!

Podcast: Gratitude and Generosity

VBS 2016: Submerged Starfish!

I Like to—MOVE IT!

Podcast: Avoid These Five Landmines Of Blended Families

Stained Glass Window

The things that are seen are Temporary, but the things unseen are eternal.

Prayer Activities

Unwrapped: Teaching Preschool Conference

Podcast: Leading Through Transition

Balloon Octopus

Turn your Preschool Committee into a Ministry Team

Podcast: Being a Good Communicator

Drip Pan; A Teacher’s New Friend

Prayer Reminder Bottle

Kid’s Ministry 411- Free Conference April 11

Podcast: Consistency is Over-Rated

Today Is THE DAY!

Plan An Event!

Podcast- I’m New! What do I do?

Stick On Fish!

Collecting and Storing Items for Children’s Ministry

Podcast- Dale Hudson “The Kid Min Mouse”

Mother’s Day Card

Encouraging Mothers of Preschoolers

Podcast with Linda Ranson Jacobs

Mother’s Day Finger Paint Flower


Fancy Coral 

Podcast – Children and Grief

Colored Sock Coral 


Learning Centers Beyond Compare

Parenting- End Your Discipline Times Positively 

Ping Pong Balls

Bible Skill- HUNGRY GAME 

Craft- Good News Buzzer! 

Podcast: Interview with Jana Magruder, Director of LifeWay Kid’s Ministry


Bible Skill- Memory Verse Tic Tac Toe 

Getting Kids on Mission

Podcast: “The Kid Min Mouse”

Bible Skill- Spoons Sorting Verse

Game- Flip Flop Concentration

Limited Supply of VBS Decorations!

Ministry Everyday

Dad! You are Out of this World

Expectant Parent Ministry 

Podcast: Support Your Spouse’s Parenting

Dad Rocks!  Craft Project 

Field Trip Tips 

Headband Bible Book Game 

How to Have a Good Relationship with Your Pastor

Podcast: Helping Kids Living in Divorce  

Firework Painting

How to Include Older Adults in Your Ministry 

Podcast Interview with Linda Ranson Jacobs: Ways to help the Disruptive Child   

White Chocolate Popcorn

Bite Sized Bible Bits

Podcast: Affirmation is a Priority in the Classroom!

Giant Dice 

The Mighty EMOJI  

People on the Pews

The Unwrapped Conference is Filling Up!

Tulip Book Markers 

Thinking of You Treats  

Help Parents Understand The Dynamics At Work In Your Preschool Area (and learn better parenting skills to boot!)

Podcast: There are NO Short-Cuts

Bible Hop Mat 

Treating Children with Respect Increases Your Authority  

Lightening Bugs & Dragonflies  

Unwrapped Conference Detailed Schedule

Getting to Know Your New Class 

Beginning Children’s Bible Drill in your Church

I Feel Like Quitting the Ministry 

Appreciating and Investing in Teachers 

60 Service Ideas for Kids!

Searching for Substitute Teachers! Yuck!

Bible Books Jenga 

How to Start a Weekday Early Education Ministry

When Is a Child Ready to Accept Christ? 

Making Prayer Reminders 

Providing Choices in the Classroom

Giant Bible Skill Games

Encouraging Regular Attendance 

5 Tips for Starting a New Year at Church 

The Ten Commandments in Motion 

Parenting Requires Humility 

Five Tips for New Teachers 

Autumn Tree Puzzle Pieces 

When You Know the Goal, Then Establish the Routine

God Has Called You to Part-time Ministry, Not Burnout 

Twist-Up Autumn Tree 

What Inner City Ministry Needs

Budget Time!

Bible Initials Game 

Sharing Space and Resources

Clothespin Game 

Accept Each Child as a Unique Creation of God

Custom Banners 

Kinetic Sand

Rescue Games Conference

Knock-Knock Door Posters 

Are you a person of influence?

Making Pumpkins

Chevron Wall Design

Care Enough About Your Instructions to Give Them Well

How Do I Deal with My Child’s Entitlements

Craft Stick Spider Web

Milk Crate Benches 

How to Have Great Workers’ Meetings

Little Gobbler Puppet

Free Advent Devotional Guide

Flat Roof Clubhouse

Moon Sand

Don’t Fill a Position, Match a Passion

Classroom Swag; Creating Awesome Classrooms

Shingled Roof Clubhouse

Turkey Hat 

The Reading Tree

Clubhouse Interior Walls 

Skee Ball in the Classroom

Sand Foam

How to Have Group Time Success

The Shepherd’s Treasure 

Snowflake Ornament

The Gifts of Capability and Confidence Create Leaders

Resource Rooms

Dealing with a Lack of Respect from Kids

Christmas Games  

Steps to Bible Facts

Merry Christmas from all of us at Mr. Mark’s Classroom!

Once a Year Book Bundle Sale!

Steps to Creating & Implementing Children’s Ministry Policies

Once a Year Book Bundle Sale!

Once a Year Book Bundle Sale!

Once a Year Book Bundle Sale!

The Responsibility to Balance Discipline with Relationship 

Country Clubhouse 

Wanna Build a Snowman? 

Addiction Hits Our Home!

Five Questions Every Leader Needs to Ask

City Clubhouse

Making Indoor Snow! 

Avoid Going Viral like the Joneses

Why Use Bible Phrases with Preschoolers?

Walls Inside the Clubhouse 

Snowball Challenge! 

Are you Optimistic?

VBS PowerPoints and Photos 

Telescope and Charts

Bible Bingo  

She Calls Me Miss Mark

Shingle Clubhouse

Minion Valentine 

A Little Birdie… 

Seth Haines Was in the Hospital with his Wife

Simple Night Sky 

One Day!!! Sweetheart Book Bundle Sale!

Bible Skills Target Golf 

One Day!!! Sweetheart Book Bundle Sale!

Paper Bag Star

Create the Factory Scene

Blow Darts and Targets 

Round, Round, Get Around, I Get Around…

Large Telescope 

Bible Book Spool Game 

Our New Son 

Need a Release Form? 

Custom Banners for VBS!


Meet Ruthie!

Roman Building Bundle

City Clubhouse (Flat top- Lid Roof)

Balloon People 

Spring Break with my Kids! 

Encouraging Dad’s of Preschoolers 

Large Telescope

Marble Bowling 

Check out our Newest Page!

Encouraging Mothers of Preschoolers

Night Sky

Toss & Catch Game

I Stink at Family Devotions!

Easter Devotionals

Night Time Trees and Bushes

Paper Plate Basket

I Want to Invite you to Join our Online Conference for FREE!

Easter Ideas for the Classroom

Constructing the Flat Top Clubhouse

Treasure Stones


Easter Cookies

Clubhouse Walls Inside

Stained Glass Cross Game

Star Teacher Gift

The Power of Community

How to Make a VBS Clubhouse 


Mr. Potato Head has a Bad Day

Planning for the Physical Learner

Custom Banners for VBS! 

Recipe Card Holder

Make Stars Out of CDs!

FAQ’s From Parents When Their Kids Resist Church

Starry Sky

Creative VBS Announcement

Witnessing to Friends with Special Needs

Roof Top City Building 

Less Mess Glue Pad

She Plays the Baritone. Barely!

Small Telescope 


Marble Maze

Substitute Purgatory

Children and Grief

Clubhouse Floor

Hiding God’s Word Bookmark

Please Meet the Real Mr. Bill 

Getting Babies into Sunday School and ETC

Dad Rocks!  A Craft Project 

Searching for Substitute Teachers! Yuck!

When is a Child Ready to Accept Christ? 

White Chocolate Popcorn

Giant Bible Skill Games

Ideas Gone Wild

Learning Centers Beyond Compare

Build the Flower- Bible Verse Game

Getting to Know Your New Class 

Clothespin Game 

Drip Pan – A Teacher’s New Friend

Five Tips for Starting a New Year at Church 

How to Lead Bible Drill! 

Bible Review Target Game

New Bible Skill Book!

Pool Noodle Horse

Mr. Mark’s New Kids’ Ministry Book is here!

Interview with Brian Dollar

Books of the Bible Jacks

 Need a Little Mojo in Your Ministry?

Gathering and Providing Parenting Helps

Lost Your Ministry Mojo? 

What Others Are Saying… 

Ministering to the Family Before the Baby 

Physical Learners

Mr. Mark’s New Kids’ Ministry Book is here!

TPT’s —Total Participation Techniques

Pumpkin Patch Memory Verse

Publicize Your Ministry

Spider Web Bible Verse

Engaging Children in Missions and Serving 

Birthday Cake Cloud Dough

Bible Skills for Babies – Kindergarten

Building a Ministry Team 

Frozen Kiwi Treats

What About Resource Rooms?

Lego Stamped Corn 

Senses Activities

Eight Ways Preschoolers Learn

Three Pillars of Children’s Ministry

Thankful Pumpkin Craft

Candles- A Christmas Tradition 

Pumpkin Pie Slice 

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