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This is a simple way to create the maze with the Bible verse so kids can practice saying the verse in order.  Since boys are always ready for a contest, invite the kids to compete against each other in completing the maze while saying the verse.  Fastest one wins!! 


  • Flat bottom box (or cut down a box) 
  • Construction paper 
  • Tape 
  • Rubble ball or marble. 


  1. Make sure the box is clean. 
  2. Cut strips of Construction paper as loops.
  3. Write the words to the verse on each loop.
  4. Tape both ends of the loop to the box bottom with room for the ball to pass under.
  5. Place the words in order slightly turned as you tape them on across the box. 



Invite kids to place the ball in the starting place (first word) then time them as they work to move the ball under each word of the verse in the correct order. Kids can race each other to see who can complete the maze first. Remind the kids to say the verse out loud as they practice. 


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