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“In the Beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1


  • Boys—White Crew Socks (1 sock per child)
  • Batting
  • Uncooked Rice
  • Ribbon
  • Fabric Paint, Paint Pens or Permanent Markers
  • Toddler Socks (variety of colors/patterns—1 sock per child)
  • Small Craft Buttons (variety of colors—3 or 4 per child)
  • Quick Drying Craft glue
  • Rubberbands (2 per child)
  • Ribbon or small crocheted scarves

Make It:

  1. Add around 3/4 cup of dry rice to the bottom of the sock.
  2. Add batting on top of the rice, making sure to pack it in tightly until you reach the ribbed portion of the sock.
  3. Tie the remaining portion of the sock into a knot.
  4. Fold the ribbed portion down over the knot to create a cap.
  5. Shape the snowman by creating a head portion about a third of the snowman. Use a rubber band to cinch the top portion to create the head.
  6. Shape the remainder of the snowman body, so that the rice in the bottom creates a base that will allow the snowman to balance in an upright position.
  7. Cut the toe portion out of the toddler sock and place the sock on the snowman’s head to create a hat. Use ribbon or string to secure the top.
  8. Use paint pens, markers, etc. to create a face and decorate the hat.
  9. Use craft glue to add buttons, yarn and ribbons to embellish and complete the project.



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