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31 Days to Finding Your Kids’ Ministry Mojo 

Finding your kid’s ministry mojo?  What is a mojo?  It is power that may seem magical, that allows someone to be very effective and successful.  The empowering that seems magical is really prepared leadership that allows the Holy Spirit to counsel and guide you as you seek to lead kids to Christ.  We love kids, but kid’s ministry needs a leader that is not scared to deal with adults. God has called me to champion Children’s Ministry just as He has called you.  My desire is to help you or empower you to be the best leader you can be in Kid’s Ministry.  

I want to walk through a daily journaling process to consider areas of leadership needs.  I fear I am often too transparent, but those moments seem to bring the most growth in my life.  I hope you will be honest and transparent when responding to the different topics I discuss.  Carve out time each day to read the short content and thoughtfully answer the questions.  Write other questions and record ideas for your ministry in the space provided.  When I read books, I write in the margins and all over the pages.  Free yourself to make notes and ask questions as you consider the ideas.  

Our ministry focuses on these three groups of people: 

  • Children are so impressionable and want to please adults.  We never have to be pushy with the gospel but we must pray for our kids and faithfully tell them about Jesus. 
  • Parents are not impressed with the crafts their kids make in class.  They are impressed when they hear a teacher ask about the child’s salvation experience, read how the teacher is praying for their child and see the teacher building a relationship of love with their child.  
  • Teachers must take advantage of sharing the plan of salvation each month during class.  This will help focus children to know the gift of salvation God is offering them.  Share Christ!

As Children’s Ministers, we must be intentional about our efforts to reach families and teach children. How are you structuring your ministry to kids?  Are you just playing it by ear?  Are you just leading it the way it has always been done?  I want you to know some real steps in effective ministry and develop the “why” in your efforts as well as developing new leadership skills.  Your church and families will respond with greater appreciation and focus.  This must become the standard by which all programming and activities filter through.   

We are going to consider what are the most important activities.  Are you giving prime time to these activities or just some type of filler?  I want you to feel like you are actually steering this thing and it’s not steering you.  When young parents see the clear plans you have for kids, they will feel comfortable with the church and making the choice to be involved.  Become prepared to reach young adults and guide their children on their spiritual journey.  

This new book is filled with practical suggestions from my experience in ministry.  Take the challenge to read a short chapter each day, and then answer the three questions about your leadership.  You will be informed and encouraged in your leadership each day for the month as you expand your thinking and influence.  It’s time to find your Kids’ Ministry Mojo so you can be refreshed and shine as you lead. 

Take the Challenge!  Order your copy today for only $14.97.  

Book Release Date- September 18, 2017  


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