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Children’s sermons are great fun for me.  We don’t have it every week but a couple of times a year we have them.  I prefer to have questions and hear kid’s answers or voting with the kids during our time.  This way the church gets to hear them and they seem to stay a bit more connected with their short attention span.

We also have a Children’s worship time for kids in grades 1 & 2.  The materials we use are a favorite but sadly out of print.  What do you use?  Is there something you recommend?  Should we start posting some children sermon ideas?  Reply and let me know what you think.

Your Friend,

Mr. Mark

Praising God for Spring Time!


In the beginning, God created . . . Genesis 1

Create a crazy caterpillar using tube socks or colorful knee socks. You’ll also need fiberfill, chenille stems, google eyes, sharpie, small rubber bands, colorful small ponytail bands add a pop of color.

Start by adding fiberfill to “toe end of the sock,” then add a rubber band to create the first segment; next add more fiberfill and this time also create two small legs on either side using the tiny rubber bands then close the segment with a larger band or ponytail band; continue until you reach the end of the sock. Add chenille stems for the antennas—just sticking the stem into the sock. Use small glue dots to attach the eyes or use sharpie to make eyes and nose.

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