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Action Kid Figures

Take a look at my newest classroom/ hallway decoration.  These giant size figures of kids are perfect for adding fun to your classroom or hallway.  There are ten figures (each 50” tall) and each one is in motion (sports and playground).  Take a look at the photos we snapped while setting up the Public Library Summer Reading Program.


“This used to take me weeks to have ready but we cut them out and hung them up in just a couple of hours. They look terrific and I highly recommend these decorations to other libraries.”    –Karen Gilliland, Watonga Public Library


action-kids-pic-watonga-library-2 action-kids-pic-watonga-library-3






The ten large wall figures are 50” tall and printed on heavy premium photo paper for durability and reuse later. The pictures show full-size adult chairs to give you a better idea for their large size. They are shipped on four panels and in a large tube to protect from damaging.  Save the tube for storing the figures after this summer.  The letters were purchased separately.

Cost $147.97

Available at

get-in-the-game  action-kids-pic-4



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