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Hallways & Stairs

Halls and Stairs- First Impressions

Hallways and stairs can really make a space feel fun and inviting.  The problem is it must still be functions and uncluttered.  Take a look at these hallways and stairs then read through the check list below as you evaluate your facility.


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Here are few things to remember when decorating your Hallways and Stairs.

  • Does it smell? Building that have been closed all week often have that musty smell.  No smell is the goal but room deodorizers that plug into the wall are helpful.  Does the carpet need to be cleaned?  That can be a source of foul smell.
  • Do the walls need paint? I suggest warm colors like Ambitious Amber from Sherwin Williams or a different warm color you would mind painting in your house.  Stay away from primary crayons look.  I’m also not a fan of large and busy murals.  Place that kind of thing in a particular zone with limitations.  More color with a suggestion of artwork sound more classy and not overwhelming.
  • Avoid coat hooks sticking out the wall to jab someone in the eye or back.
  • Do you need cubbies in the hall for papers completed during class? I got a terrific set at Ikea and they look terrific.
  • Is your flow of traffic obstructed by anything? Narrow halls must be completely free of student desks or decorations that sit in the floor.  Your custodians will also appreciate that.
  • Make sure stairs are clean. This seems to be place overlooked when vacuuming or mopping.  Spills happen and go unnoticed for weeks.  I promise, your guests are noticing them.
  • Decorate your stairs with a large logo to be seen as you enter. It looks very welcoming.  Avoid photos with lots of kids in them because this invites people to stop and look.  Move those out of the stairs and into a place where people can gather and enjoy without blocking the traffic flow.
  • Stairs can also have banners placed across the back of each step (the rise) so kids can read and admire the banners as they enter.
  • Check- in stations should be located at the entrance but not blocking the entrance. Observe this for a few weeks and relocate if needed.
  • Welcome Centers are valuable. Be sure to mark them clearly so guests can find them.  Remove any clutter so counters are clear and useful.  This is a place where leftover stuff seems to gather so be mindful of debris and store it or trash it.
  • Lighting is important. Be sure your hallways are well lighted.  A dark hallway is scary to kids and does not say, “Welcome!”

Use this check list a walk through your halls and stairs to evaluate.  I know it would be easier to sit at your desk and think about it, but the real test is to go.  Watch when people are there for any pinch points or concerns.  After you evaluate, make list of changes.  You can make some changes yourself.  Other changes might require a team or budget planning.  Put into action the things you see necessary to improve.





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